People fascinate me. No doubt I might fascinate them as well. More likely though is that I frustrate or entertain them.  I cover both ends of the spectrum quite easily.  I was out running this morning.  I had on a pair of my overly-familiar-to-the-neighborhood running pants and my bright pink Nike zip shirt.  They must think I only have a handful of running clothes.  Not true.  But, I most definitely have my favorites.  As I geared up, much like a pilot before take-off has a checklist, I smiled as I stretched looking down at my pants.  They were comfortable.  Actually, they are a take on yoga pants.  On the lower left pant leg is a small stalk with leaves embossed in white thread.  I laughed out loud as I stretched the back of my thigh.  It looked like a large marijuana plant.  Makes sense to equate pot with yoga.  The practice of yoga to stretch the body with a hit of hooch to relax the mind!  I wondered if people giggled when they saw me coming in my marijuana pants.  I was also "one of those" people much like the lady that lives one block north me on the next corner.  She moved in the summer after I bought my house.  Her house had sat empty for quite some time and was in need of some tender loving care.  The first time I saw her I was highly entertained.  I couldn't quite nail her age, but she had a sort of middle aged non descript figure while walking her poofy white dog.  She wore a house dress of sorts.  If you are unfamiliar with house dresses they were worn by my GRANDMOTHER.  They are a cross between a housecoat or robe and an apron and possibly a loose fitting sundress with short sleeves.  Sounds attractive huh?  She wore what appeared to be house slippers or house shoes.  The variation between the two so close it's hard to tell the difference from a distance.  Her house dress had two big pockets on the outside that could have held a large Kleenex box, a wall phone and possibly a two-slice toaster.  I couldn't help it, I giggled.  On top of all of that, she talked to herself or possibly her dog while out walking it.  The other neighbors have mentioned to me her peculiarity, so it is not just me who has noticed.  The first time I saw this fashion phenomena with her I thought it was a one time thing.  Possibly she didn't have time to pull on a pair of jeans or shorts and just wore her lounging dress.  Soon I realized that was NOT the case.  That whole first summer she walked her dog while talking out loud in a variety of housecoats and house dresses.  A few weeks ago, I was out running.  Coming back on the route I passed her house.  There she was with her dog on a lease.  As I neared her, I heard her say out loud, "No, she doesn't want to pet you even though you are a good dog.  She is running."  She spoke to poofy dog as if he was a human toddler of say 4 years old.  If I had not been trying to pace my breathing in running, I would have let out loud the laughter that filled my insides.  Today, on my last leg of the miles, I spotted her out again with leash in hand.  She had donned a very huge long puffy coat - like the kind my Grandma June wore in the 1970's.  I suppose it might be a subtle improvement from her house dresses.  This summer she had her gray house painted.  It needed a coat of paint desperately.  She had it painted a bright canary yellow.  It matches nothing in this mostly brick neighborhood and stands out like a sore thumb.  Eccentric.  I do though sort of appreciate that trait in people.  They are who they are and seem to care less what you or I think of how they dress, live or even what color they paint their house.  I think she lives alone which might be why she talks to herself.  There is no one else to have conversation with.  Who was I to talk.  I had on marijuana running pants!

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