I read the other morning that there is a new and upcoming "social media" phenom on the horizon.  It is purported to possibly eclipse Face Book at some point.  I laughed.  There is always something new that takes of the place of the thing before it.  That is the circle of human life, the world of nature and all things man made.  Things that are just ahead of the curve amaze me.  Really it's the people who have the vision to see the next wave of technology, medicine, art, entertainment, music, or products, and the drive to make it happen, that I stand in awe of.  We all know what Liquid Paper is, a brand of brushable white out for covering over an error thus allowing a "correction" to be made.  If you learned to type before computers, you are fully aware of the greatness of "white out"!  But in recent years liquid correcting fluid has been eclipsed by a better form of it - liquid tape.  No more do you have to blow on the paper to get the liquid to dry before you can make your correction.  Now you utilize a tape dispenser sort of contraption by rolling or pulling a line of correcting tape over your error.  There is no drying or globing.  Brilliant!  Why can I not think of something that could take the world by storm?  I take medicine daily that literally keeps me alive.  Every day I marvel that there are brainiacs out there that created this medicine.  These scientists, researchers and physicians minds worked in such a way to understand and flesh out a solution for something that our bodies cannot produce or fight without it.  Go simpler even.  We all use toilet paper daily.  Usually without great thought we pull a stretch off and do our business with it.  That is a marvel to me.  Someone said, "From henceforth we shall not use leaves, or catalogs!  I will create a roll of paper that won't give you a rash or break open your skin!"  Thankful I am for that creative, innovative genius.  Think about ink pens.  Probably the first time you really thought about the convenience of a pen.  Fountain pens were created in 1827 and the first ball point pen in 1888.  Now previous to that fountain pen, there wasn't easy mobility for using a pen unless you took a jar of ink with you and a quill of sorts.  I reached in my purse just yesterday and pulled out a pen and scribbled a thought on a scrap of paper.  The pen gives us unlimited freedom to write anywhere.  We don't give those creators near enough credit!  If they were still alive, a sashay down the pen aisle at Office Max would make them proud.

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