For those of us that live in definitively distinctive 4 season climates, Spring brings a break in the hibernation that a great many do all winter long.  Our unseasonably warms temps as of late have brought a type of night-of-the-living-dead mass appearance to the streets and sidewalks.  Generally speaking, most folks I have seen the past few days I did NOT see all winter long when I was out running in snow and cold.  They are fair weather participants of nature.  Out running this week I encountered people running (I will not say runners as they were far from that!) with body types, forms and clothing that denoted first timers.  I give them credit for getting out there and doing something that involves movement and caloric burning.  Though, I giggled a great deal as well.  I now was sharing the streets with them - those that had not been true to the quest of exercise all winter long.  Last night, as Doug and I went for a long walk, I mentioned to him all the newbie wanna-be jogging/runners that I had seen out.  Did they use a treadmill all winter long?  Did they go to the YMCA?  No, I decided.  There was nothing about their bodies or speed or form that led me to believe they were regular exercisers.  It was just a warm weather phenomena much like going to YMCA cardio or spin class in January - packed.  I wondered how long it would be before most of those that I had only seen for the first time ever out running, would stop.  None of them had I seen while I logged miles outside in the winter.  There was part of me that wanted to scold them a bit.  That wanted to tell them they were abusing nature by only participating in it when it was easy or pleasant.  I wanted to ask did they truly love nature so much that they just had to be in it no matter the temperature or season.  Though by their absence all winter long, their answer would be NO.   My husband has definitely come to know of my restless spirit and call of the wild that fills most of my insides.  He knows when I pace or gaze out the window or say I have to go outside it means I need to breath the outdoor air, use up some energy and feel connected to something bigger than myself.  I'm not sure those pansy, fair-weather, outdoor participators really get nature!  Don't get me wrong, I love mild, sunny conditions.  Who doesn't!  But I also love the starkness of fall and winter and the cold on my face while running.  It is challenging and invigorating and leaves me with a bit of a conquering spirit.  There is a secret warmth inside when I go out into harsher weather conditions.  A magic of participating in it.  I think that chunky guy, in the only-can-buy-at-Walmart gray sweatpants (not a good look to showcase anyone's body!), I saw trying to jog won't be out there for long.  And, I have big bets that I won't see him sharing the roads running with me when November rolls back around.  Fair weather pansy exercisers sort of piss me off! 

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