Today we found ourselves edging the driveway and sidewalks with the edger we purchased.  It was long overdue as the grass had taken up residence a bit further onto the pavement year after year.  We gained a whole other lane in the driveway!  One of the neighbors who lives a couple doors down stopped to visit.  They commented that it was looking nice while they ate their Dairy Queen Blizzards.  We chit chatted about weather, them raising pure bred dogs to sell, grand kids, where they worked.  In conversation they mentioned they too were a blended family having been together 11 years.  Both of them kind of giggled when they mentioned that they had been married numerous times before finding each other.  Finally getting it right in their 40's (I could relate to the age & epiphany!).  It was upon meeting each other that they both realized they had never truly had connective love.  Their relationship with each other changed each other's lives.  We shared that it was the same for us.  That both of us were now given a life that we didn't really know existed previous to each other.  I run by their house almost daily.  And Doug and I go for our almost daily walks in that direction many times as well.  They said they can tell how much we love each other.  That they watch us walk or sit out front on the steps.  That they see us hold hands, laugh and just connect.  I laughed and wondered to them if we drive our neighbors nuts with our affection in the yard.  They assured us that it does the opposite - it warms their hearts to watch outward love.  We talked about euchre and whether we played.  I said if they want to always have a win then they should play against me.  As they drove away I realized what the power of true love does, not only to those directly in its path, but to those that see it.  Doug commented to me that it seems that we haven't gone on all the great adventures we want to yet. "You are the greatest adventure I have. Daily I get to go on a love adventure with you.  That's the best kind of adventure I know of!" I told him.  Destinations are great.  But really, I finally got to mine - love.

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