YUCK!  That's what I said this morning out loud as I read online about McDonalds debuting a new version of their McRib in Austria.  Instead of a grilled piece of demi-quasi-ribish meat substance slathered in a horrifically high sugar level sauce, this McRib adds even more heart stopping, cholesterol building properties.  McRibster, a deep-fried McRib, consists of a deep-fried McRib patty, bacon, pepper-Jack cheese, iceberg lettuce, red onion, honey-mustard sauce and spicy sweet chili sauce. I felt a wave of nausea sweep over me as I shook my head.  My friend Big D frequents McDonalds much to my dismay.   I preach to her but to no avail.  She is hooked on McDonalds much like a smoker to cigarettes!  For Christmas I bought her the cheapest bottle of wine I could find, cut McDonalds coupons out of the paper and gave her a $5 book of McDonalds gift certificates.  She gave me a large container of Quaker Old Fashioned Oats and a bag of York peppermint patties.  We are very elaborate in our gift giving and very opposite in our eating.   I love vegetables.  I mean I really love vegetables.  My favorite form of them is raw.  It doesn't necessarily matter which vegetables either, I will eat them all.  People who have worked with me over the years have laughed at what I eat for lunch a lot.  This week my craving for raw vegetables neared obsession levels.  For three or four days in a row I ate a huge bowl of them for lunch.  A couple of those days I also repeated it for dinner.  It follows suite with my 5 month run of eating oatmeal for dinner every night.  Cut up a zucchini, a large carrot, some broccoli then drizzle it with olive oil, a pinch of salt and a touch of blue cheese crumbles - WOW!  I ate that for lunch yesterday again:)  Sometimes I take a picture of my bounty of healthy vegetables and text it to Big D.  She stated, in response to my raw veggie palooza, that she was at the local diner eating a meatloaf manhattan.  YUCK!  My love affair with all things veggie and/or healthy makes my husband smile.   He suggested this week that maybe I should eat more than just raw vegetables and apples and the daily spoon of peanut butter.  I told him, after his suggestion, that if he laid a Snickers bar on the counter next to a bowl of raw veggies, I would honestly pick the veggies.  I wondered to him if I am deficient in some vitamin and that's why I crave raw vegetables.   Part of it is the taste - I love the texture and flavor.  Part of it is how I feel when I eat them - CLEAN and sharper.  That Snickers bar, McDonalds or the local delicacy of Meatloaf Manhattan would cause me to be ill, want to lay down and slow my fast mind down.  I can almost guarantee what I will eat for lunch today which will involve something green and crunchy.  I can almost guarantee too that Big D will NOT have anything green or crunchy for her lunch.  In fact, after telling her about the limited release of the revised McRib she booked a flight to Europe!

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