News is interesting to me.  Just last week someone commented to me about a news website they subscribe to that is NOT biased.  I smiled clear inside at the ridiculousness of that statement.  There is NO SUCH THING!  Even if unintentional, even if purposefully deliberately and premeditated to not be biased, we are. There is just a measure of it we cannot help.  I suppose this person's premise of this web based news site being unbiased was because of the format.  They didn't write the pieces, but compiled a week in review of all the AP and other news stories out there and sort of redelivered them in a chronological week in review.  I am not a political junkie.  I save all political junkieness for my mother, who, if alive during the signing of the Declaration of Independence, would have been outside of the Pennsylvania State House cheering in support or waiting to catch a glimpse of the 56 signers.  Or, being the crafter that she is, would have helped Betsy Ross sew that first rough draft of the American Flag.  What some people view as news - information and the presentation of that information - is highly subjective and overly opinionated.  We have a new genre of "news" that wasn't prevalent 35 years ago.  It has been dubbed pundit/personality focused news.  It is not just delivered information (news) via print or radio, but a mix of Comedy Central, MSNBC, and J.Edgar Hoover ish opinion edginess all rolled into one and then taken as REAL news.   I don't care if you are left, right or somewhere in the middle you can find a station, a host which will tout your leanings while blatantly declaring they are delivering news.  I love America.  It's the land of opportunities and opinions.  I can love the fact that we have those privileges and platforms to be able to have opinions, but I can dislike how it is done sometimes.  Some of you live and die by Rush Limbaugh, Bill Mahr, Steven Colbert, Jon Stewart or Glen Beck.  They are satirists delivering some information through their own strong leanings, spin, and quest to get high ratings with their "entertainment" focused shows.  Any good communicator will sometimes over exaggerate a statement to prove a point, to create a clear word picture of what they are tyring to convey or sway you toward. Much like I do with this blog:) which is NOT news!  There is a measure of enjoyment that these political satirists get by stirring the pot - it magnifies their stances.  G O A L !!!!!   It creates buzz but usually away from the real issue (the news!) to their outrageous or polarizing sweeping statements of issues and people.  There is a whole generation out there who take those satirists as the gospel - their source for news.

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