I wonder if God ever really giggles at us.  Not a condescending superior type of you-little-people laugh.  But, a chuckle over our attempts to figure things out - to find a deeply satisfying existence.  It's not so different than what we as adults think and feel while watching a small child eat a piece of their birthday cake. Kids think that cake is wonderful.  They don't know there are other things out there that will be more wonderful to them one day than that cake is.  Like; falling in love, getting the promotion you have wanted, making love, having children, sitting on a beach for a week away from responsibilities, spending time with those we deeply connect to and are madly in love with, reading a good book.  We are not the most original race - humans.  Copycats mostly we are.  Saturday my husband and I decided to drive to larger town (one that he had never been to) about and hour and a half away.  I had lived in that area for some years so I was familiar with it.  We both commented before we left that we were tired of going to our normal shopping centers in adjoining communities.  We wanted an adventure.  There was quite a bit of retail in that town.  Battling to find a parking space at the mall, we went inside.  Different town, different mall name and design, but same stores.  Life is a bit cookie cutterish isn't it!  Doug and I lapped the mall once and decided we had enough of the same stuff but different place.  Target was everywhere, in every town.  Barnes and Noble now was a cornerstone store of every mall.  Banana Republic, Abercrombie, Forever 21, Victoria's Secret, Macy's and Auntie Anne's Pretzels were there too.  Why was human kind on this quest to find purpose and yet kept trying to find it in the same methods?  Doug and I laughed at our 3 hour journey to walk a lap in a mall that housed the same things our mall did.  Life, it seems, is basically a store.  We walked through Macy's.  It was crowded, chaotic with sale racks everywhere and no real order.   We passed through Von Maur, which was expensive with clearance rack items starting at $75.00.  I got verbally assaulted by the sales clerk in Eddie Bauer who wanted to be sure I knew the red signs that said 20% off were saying things were 20% off.  She followed me for a time giving her sales pitch as I did not make eye contact trying to non-verbally express my desire for her to let me peruse alone!  There just is nothing I absolutely can't live without.  And if I need it, well I can go to any given city, any mall anywhere in the continental U.S. and find my jeans I like at the GAP.  I felt like a sheep shopping - just herding myself through familiar stores and items.  I hate stores and I HATE herd living.  Life is more than a store, a sale and a mall.  Buying is a temporary distraction.  I wondered how many in that mall just wanted to be distracted.  I did not want to try on clothes, look at shoes, or have to walk with traffic to maneuver my way through the mall.  Really I just wanted to lay on the couch and take a nap!  

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