Two spiritual statements that tend to drive the snot right out of me; I prayed about it.  And, God told me.  Now my beef with those statements, and those that use them, is not specifically the words but the heart behind them.  I pray about things too.  Lots of different things.  Some are big issues.  Some are, in comparison, relatively small or seemingly minute.  God cares and He wants to hear them all.  He is a God of details.  Just look at creation and humans.  He loves the small things, the finishing touches and what we think is insignificant.  Case in point, He created gnats.  God also speaks to us in various ways.  We hear God through nature, at times through circumstances, in the deeds and words of others, through scripture, in our spirits/hearts and sometimes even audibly in our heads.  Without a shadow of a doubt I believe God speaks to us.  How could He not?  We are His creation and He longs for relationship with us.  That's why He speaks to us - He loves us.  What I doubt sometimes is whether or not we confuse our thoughts and emotions with what we think is God's voice.  If it isn't tough enough to distinguish His voice from our own desires, throw on top of it telling others that God told you this and that.  There are things that we know God would say based on His character of love and grace.  Those are absolutes.  I don't want people to see just Nancy.  I want them to see God bigger than they see me when they listen to me or watch me.   No doubt I have failed in that category more than once.  If God told me something then it is specific to what I needed to hear.  If I repeat what God told me it's best not done in an arrogant way, but as a way to encourage someone else with the comfort or words God spoke to me.  It better paint a big beautiful portrait of God, not me.  How do you argue with someone when they say they prayed about it or God told them thus and such?  There have been times I have wanted to!  Today someone told me they prayed about talking to me about something.  They had no way of knowing that statement is a red flag for me.  A hot button.  After they told me the something they wanted to talk to me about I was disappointed that they had taken up God's time for that and mine as well.  Highly disappointed.

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