I am a self-proclaimed foodie of sorts.  Ne'er do I ever consume fast food.  The mere thought of McDonald's, Burger King, Taco Bell, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Jack In The Box, Fazolis, Long John Silvers or Wendy's makes me audibly say "YUCK" and experience an inward shudder.  I also have a grand dislike for any buffet.  Buffets remind me of cattle bellying up to a fed trough.  There are a great many who eat at buffets who look a lot like cows!  If you can get past that mental image and still want to eat at a buffet, turn your attention to the quality of food.  There are many choices, I'll give you that. Too many to be honest.  But a bevy of choices does not mean the food is quality.  Think about the volume of food that is prepared for any buffet.  Food concocted in mass quantities is going to lack in quality.  Buffet foods all seem to have an industrial-taste-the-same flavor to them.  It's the difference between a completely home-made apple pie or a Sara Lee one.  It's the difference between KFC and marinated chicken breasts cooked on the grill.  Many years ago while at a buffet for a party gathering, I followed a woman going through the buffet line holding a newborn.  She was sliding her plate along with one hand while holding her baby and nursing it. Now if you don't think that was a bit unsettling!  Why do we as fat ass Americans need to have before us MORE food.  We are a nation of fatties and unhealthy eaters consuming a food supply that is a bit tainted.  Our human tendency is to want more - more money, more possessions, more status, more food, more, more, more.  We aren't easily satiated and readily give in to our pleasurable wants over our needs.  Restraint is not a word that we like too much as Americans.  Why do I want to eat food that is at best very marginal in quality?  Do I really need to slide my plate along putting 4 kinds of meat, 7 desserts, and 5 starches on my plate?   Do I need to go back and refill another plate?  Why do I want to eat food that has to be "protected" (only an illusion giving you a false sense of security!) by a plastic shield above it.  Maybe it redirects a sneeze or a loose hair falling from a head, but that's about it.  I don't want masses touching something I am going to eat.  You know there are those that touch that food with their hands.  They are probably the same people who don't wash their hands after using a public restroom.  I feel a dry heave coming on!  It is a proven fact that when you eat at a restaurant we consume more food than we would at home.  The portion size is greater.  We also eat more high calorie, high fat and sodium foods when eating out.  My ex-husband loved buffets.  When we were raising our only child, I would be forced to eat at them occasionally.  One restaurant buffet experience I can remember clearly was when our daughter was in older elementary/junior high.  Having gone to her dad's favorite buffet, we were eating at the table.  Hannah looked around the restaurant and very clearly said, "Everyone is fat and poor here.  Except us."  She was right.  It was a parental moment where truth and grace had to meet.  Demographics of most buffets would include those with a more limited economic status.  It could be they are maximizing their dollars for consumption, have teenage boys to fill up, don't possess taste buds or have not ever truly had a terrifically prepared clean food meal. I don't think I'm better than the buffet eaters in the world.  Oh hell, yes I do!

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