It's Easter.  Thoughts of Jesus and pork are colliding in my brain.  No really, I had many thoughts today.  Jesus and pork were just a few of them.  It was a bit of a strange day for me.  Coming back yesterday from a week in Washington D.C., I was just a bit off kilter.  Maybe there was some tiredness in my body.  Maybe there was a twinge of disappointment and wistfulness that I did not want the great week we had to come to an end.  Maybe there was disgust that life would return to the high stress level it had been in the past recent months without being able to change it.  Maybe Easter was a more than the usual Sunday poignant reminder that going to church was difficult for me at times based on what I had experienced in the past couple of years. I talked to God about it yet again.  As I ran early this morning I thought about God.  I thought of His goodness to me long before Jesus had been born.  Long before Jesus had died to bridge a way back to God from our sin.  I saw His goodness in the creation around me.  In the sky, the leaves, the oxygen I breathed, the sun rising, the cool spring air, the quietness of the earth as a new start of a day began once again.  I thought about the next thing He created, humanity.  What a loving God.  Creating anything makes it a part of who you are - a painting, a dress you make, a meal, a song, a blog, a book, a business presentation, a lesson, a home improvement project.   It is an extension of yourself in another form.  There is something about loving what we create.  God is the ultimate picture of that.  Easter is the result of God's deep connection to the humanity - the people He created.  Easter, the death of Jesus and ultimately His resurrection, was a way for a holy God to have a relationship with the unholy, imperfect people He loved.   I was humbled at God's goodness in all that He created, me included.  Grateful that God's deep love would allow Him to give up His son so that we all could be free.  Jesus was not merely a martyr though.  He didn't pay a price only so that we could live.  It was not just a trade - His life for ours.  He paid the price so that we could ultimately be free from rules, law, bondage.  He paid the price so that He could show us that He can change darkness to light.  That He had the power to take destruction and breathe new life into it.  In that one event of resurrecting from death, Jesus literally ripped away the power of sin to destroy us.  He swept away the law that we were never able to keep.  He broke down barriers and the list of no-no's so that grace was where we could live.   No more was there Jew and Gentile, slave and free or the limitation of the law like not being able to eat pork.  All things were made clean through Him.  I thanked Him too for bacon.  And ultimately the grace that God freely gave through Jesus.  Grace I use daily.     

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