Some of you have read before of my disdain of rewards cards and the plethora of store credit card application pleas from cashiers when checking out.  I have five rewards cards on my key chain; car dealer where we bought our car-key punch card for oil changes, CVS, Martins Grocery Store, Kroger and Panera (which I have yet to activate on-line).  That is five too many.  In TJ Maxx over the weekend I overhead a man being handled by the cashier next to me.  She had asked him if he wanted a TJ Maxx Rewards card.  He said no, that he was sick of rewards cards.  At that moment I bonded with him and came to his aid, "I agree!  I am sick to death of rewards cards.  What are we really being rewarded for and with?"  The cashier laughed.  "Cashiers are instructed from corporate offices to ask and push the product, and we as consumers are just over saturated with them.  I think they have ran their course and exhausted the patience of every consumer.  Time to find a new method!" I said.  The man applauded and the clerk continued to giggle.  It wasn't her company, she just worked there.  She saw every day, first hand, how consumers are weary of the Rewards Racket!  While in Washington D.C. recently at a Panera getting a cup of Hazelnut coffee, the cashier asked if I had a Panera Rewards Card.  Not wanting to explain that I did have one but had never activated it online, I said "No."  "Did I want one?" she asked.  "No, I don't.  Thank you." I said.  It disturbed her.  We went another round.  "It's free.  You earn a free dessert." she said.  "I realize that.  But no thanks." came my reply.  She began to look at me like I was about the stupidest person she had ever met.  She could not even fathom why in the world I did not want one.  Her look was not lost on me.  War was on now.  "Actually I do have a card but never activated it.  Not interested." I went further thinking she would back the hell off.  "Why would you not want something that gives you something for free?" she mocked back to me.  If she was going to not relent then I was not either.  I was going to get ridiculous.  And I did.  Without taking my eyes off her eyes I sarcastically said, "I absolutely hate free things."  The thought bubble above her head and eyes read, "You are an idiot."  The feeling at that point was reciprocated by me.  Actually I saw and felt an evil presence surrounding her when I first walked to her register to order.  I truly believe her altercation with me was on a spiritual level.  That is a post to delve into another time.  My husband went to Kohl's last night while I had dinner with a girlfriend.  He needed a new suit.  Upon taking his purchases to the cash register he was met with, "You can save another 30% if you open a Kohl's charge card."  Doug told her no thanks he was not interested in opening a card.  He said the exchange went on for a couple of minutes.  Her barraging him, trying to goad him, coax him, persuade him, even shame him into applying while standing there.  He explained that he did not want another credit card.  She countered that he could pay it off when he got the card and look at it like a rewards card which saved him 30%.  He said he did not want one.  Period.  She said in the time it took them to talk about it she could have had the application process done.  I told him later that he should have retorted, "In the time it took you to not stop talking about getting me to open a Kohl's credit card you could have finished ringing me up and I could have been in the car!"  

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