You might have noticed that Google has monetized my website.  I thought it might be beneficial to make at least $1 for writing drivel non-sensical words religiously everyday.  Not everyone has that ability!  Google AdSense is a bit like a crystal ball.  They peruse the words I write looking for tag lines that correspond to ads that they feel fit the content and pages.   Then, they place the ads as a logical, semi-logical or even unconscious link to the reader's mind for something they didn't know was out there.  They are sometimes a post behind in their ads.  Many times the ad posted better fits the previous day's post rather than the one it's on (case in point look at today's lawn mower equipment ad next to this post!).  I don't know if you have giggled at some of them, but I have.  For instance, I am not a Mormon.  Maybe you are, but I am not.  NOTE:  SOME ADS DO NOT NECESSARILY REPRESENT THE VIEWPOINT OF THE AUTHOR AND/OR VIEWERS OF THIS BLOG!  Running parallel yesterday alongside my blog post was an ad for the Church of Mormon.  I would imagine since I wrote about Easter and God (from a non-denominational view point I might add), Google had a Mormon ad they were dying to place somewhere.  My post was close enough, at least it was "religious".  I am not sure where Google finds tag words regularly in my posts for "online colleges", but I am not opposed to bettering oneself and expanding knowledge.  Maybe that's where they made the ad connection.  You can online yourself to a B.A. degree right from my website!  I think one day I saw an ad for some sort of dried fruit on my post page.  I eat dried fruit alot - in oatmeal, mixed in the trail mix I make for snacks, sometimes just plain.  Did I talk about dried fruit in my blog?  I am beginning to sense a bit of Big Brotherness going on with Google AdSense.  There have been a few ads in French.  They do that for a time until they can more thoroughly track your content and place appropriate ads.  Those French ads are like test ads.  I did though one time have someone leave a comment on a blog post in French.  Since I don't speak French, fluently or otherwise, I had to ask my son-in-law who speaks French to translate it for me.   So, I suppose to that one reader from France, and my son-in-law who I don't think reads my blog, those ads in French were clearly hitting their demographic.  Since I do write from time to time about breasts, there have been a few showing some large breasted women having had enhancements.  I think Google barely skimmed the content of what I write clearly NOT seeing that I have small breasts!  The ads have painted a picture to me of what I write.  Which, by the way, appears to be absolutely everywhere from God, to the government, money, washcloths, breasts, reflections of self, adventures, running, nature, my view on coffee, clothing styles, swearing and grace.  Based on the diversity of subject matters written about, Google must scratch their heads and crap shoot on what ads to put in this blog.  My brainiac marketing/digital newspaperman of a husband tells me that is called SEO (Search Engine Optimization - finding ways to increase web page traffic and searches for your website).  What the hell that is exactly is beyond me.  I reminded him that I just got an IPhone less than a year ago and still have loaded only Urban Spoon and a better weather app to my phone.  I find the world of marketing fascinating.  Marketing really is a branch of psychology - understanding why people think a certain way and how the result of their way of thinking influences the things that are bought or read or believed.  It fascinates me that people read what I write.  I would like to crawl in their heads to find out why!  Much like why Google AdSense put an ad for dried fruit in this blog.

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