Driving home from work yesterday I spotted a sign.  It was one of those signs that permanently displays the name of the business at the top, but below leaves blank space for changeable words.  I smiled at what it said, "TO HAVE MORE, WANT LESS".  Simple.  Direct. No hidden meanings.  I liked that train of thought.  It was brilliant.  I suppose as a business owner, no matter if the words compliment your venue or not, you have the freedom to put whatever the hell you want on your sign.  The saying really was counter-productive to what most businesses want - YOU TO WANT MORE.  They want you to spend money.  That is in fact how they earn their living.  So, for that reason as well, I found it doubly intriguing.  Maybe it was reverse psychology on the part of the business owner.  You know, you appeal to the opposite thoughts of what a consumer expects you to do and it ends up getting you what you want - more sales.  That too is brilliant.  I felt like I wanted to stop in, not to buy anything of course, but to congratulate him or her on their innovative marketing angle and reposian inspired statement.  I found the words refreshing.  In a world of hurried, get to the top, achieve, get-more-acquireishness, it was a respite of calm.  A reminder that simple sometimes is better.  Less to manage.  Less to become obsessed with.  Less to keep us on the hamster wheel wanting and needing more to take care of the wants we already have or will have in the future.  That phrase spoke about perspective.  What is abundance?  What is enough?  Who determines the standard for more?  What is more?  Who said more is better than less in many areas?  Boobs included!  It showcased the concept of contentment.  Contentment is not a more seeker, a look to the future sort of heart and mind condition.  Contentment is a life marked by being present with what you have where you are.  It is marked with seeking peace to live fully where your ass is parked, what your money will buy, in what you find your hand doing.  I am a minimalist, a simpleton, a purist who sees less in all areas of my life as a kind of freedom.  It reduces distractions and allows me to focus on the things that don't need cataloging, storing or carrying with me inside the rest of my life. 

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