Acutely aware I am at times of the effects of age.  Particularly in regards to my mental proclivity.  It would appear I occasionally succumb to the slippery slope of slowly dying brain cells and their results.  I would like to think, cling even, to the fact that I am razor sharp.  Though the washes of age have reached my face and parts of my body, including my hair color, that it has not touched my memory is unfortunately just not true.  If I get wrinkles by my eyes from years of living, what occurs to the parts of me I cannot visually see, like my mind? Evidently our brain grows until we are in our mid-twenties.  Reaching a maximum average size of 3 pounds.  Neurons fire our brains with the power of regenerating cells.  Though cells die daily, they are partially replaced by new ones.  Don't worry, we are not at risk of running out of them as we have 100 billion neuron cells supported by 1 trillion support cells.  Ah, but then you have environmental influences, physiological stresses, and diseases that affect that balance and its effectiveness.  Yesterday early evening, with winds at roughly 18-20 mph, I decided to go for a walk.  Winds that strong make running difficult so I had logged my running miles on the treadmill.  Wanting to experience air and nature, I readied myself to walk 4 miles.  Now, I assume, in many ways you are like me - a creature of habit or routine.  I approach leaving the house to walk or run in a very systematic way... Bathroom, shoes on, stretching, sunglasses, key removed from living room end table, key placed in mailbox attached to house so I don't have to carry it with me.  I did that routine out of order yesterday.  Why, I don't know but I would suspect I got interrupted at some point.  I can't even clearly remember what interrupted me!  As I walked out the front door and pulled it shut behind me, I realized I had left the key on the table.  I was locked out.  No worries, I thought.  It was only about an hour until Doug came home from work.  I was planning on being out that long anyway.  I texted him and told him what I had done but that I would change my walk pattern and walk to him - to his office downtown and just ride home with him.  Arriving at his office he chuckled at my key ordeal.  Standing there I put my left hand in my left jean pocket.  I could feel a key!  Pulling it out I held it up for Doug with a sheepish grin.  Why the hell would I have put it in my pocket, let alone into my left pocket that I don't really ever use.  Being right hand dominate I never thought to check my left pocket.  Brilliant I am.  We laughed about it.  I told Doug it was like I was I blacking out temporarily and not remembering doing certain things.  It was too close for my comfort to the last memory episode I had last week.  While in Washington D.C., I walked all over the city while Doug was in meetings.  One particular day, the temperature had risen significantly from when I left the hotel in a heavy cardigan sweater with only a cami under it.  I got hot but didn't take the sweater off as I didn't want to walk around D.C. in just a white cami.  Though I saw much less clothing on people than that.  Did I put deodorant on today?  My armpits feel damp.  Oh my word, I can't remember doing my normal routine in the order that I normally do this morning.  I think I put my perfume on first which I normally put on after 6 swipes of D.O. under each arm.  Do I smell?  I need deodorant!   Some of you are stopped back on the fact that I number the swipes under each arm.  FYI:  summer increases the swiping number to 7 each.  Don't worry Doug and I are equally matched in this whole numeric deodorant swiping thing.  He does it too:)  That's how I knew I loved him.  Again this morning there was a pause, a break in my synaptic brain flow.  Literally 5 minutes after taking my thyroid medicine which sits by the bed with a bottle of water, I asked Doug if I had taken it.  Thankfully, though still sleepy, he recalled the rattle of the pill bottle.  Researchers say foods like apples, blueberries, fish, red beets, broccoli, rosemary, grapes, cherries, onions, can boost our memories.  The sad part is I ate every one of those things on that list last week, except for blueberries.  It must be junk science.

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