I really want to know.  Do you use twist ties at all other than the one that might come on a loaf of bread?   Even those sometimes are not the actual little bendable piece of metal coated in either plastic or paper.  Rather, they are a plastic square thing with a slit in it designed to fit around the neck of the bread/bagel/english muffin or powdered sugar donut bags.  The technical name of which I really don't know, or if one really exists for it.  It seems that in this evolved and streamlined, almost lazy world we live in, there just isn't a big need for twist ties.  Does anyone really buy gallon plastic bags that you have to close with a twist tie instead of zip lock bags?  I don't.  Even trash bags have been revolutionized to be a one-piece product with a draw-string closure.  They do still make non draw-stringed bags for trash containers of every size from small bathroom trash cans to 45-gallon leaf bags.  Inside each of those boxes come the appropriate size and weight of twist tie to close the bag when full.  I never use them.  They sometimes are not strong enough to keep it closed, especially if the bag is loaded with weight.  I still buy undraw-stringed small trash bags for my bathroom trash can.  When I open a new box of bags there lies a perforated stack of twist ties.  I don't keep them.  My mom would though.  I prefer to diagonally tie the bag shut with opposing corners.  It holds more weight.  My mom has a small container in one of her kitchen drawers, the one with aluminium foil, wax paper, etc, that houses extra twist ties.  I wonder if she uses them or just feels bad about throwing them away so she keeps them for a future unknown need.  Even on the bread bag I sometimes misplace the twist tie after removing it for a slice of bread.  I don't know why or how I so easily misplace it.  Sometimes, having used the same twist tie too many times, the paper coating falls off leaving only the bare metal.  I don't like when that happens as it just becomes hard to re-twist it back on the bag.  That is when I wish I was a collector of extra twist ties like my mom.  I wonder since the invention of easier forms of bag closures if the twist tie industry has seen a decline.  The twist tie has been lapped now by products of greater ease.  Maybe it's like the clothespin industry.  I'm sure they are not increasing or gaining new people who need clothespins to hang up their clothes.  Both seem like stagnant and declining markets, at least in the U.S.   My mom has clothespins too. 

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