I say it over many different things.  I say it weekly, sometimes daily.  I mean it sincerely from the bottom of my heart when I say it.  I have utter and complete intention of doing it when I say it.  The drive is there.  The desire is there.  I say, I will not let small piles of papers gather on the end of the dining room table. Tauntingly they call my name as I walk past them 4,000 times a day for stretches of days.  I say, I will take care of whatever the document, piece of mail, receipt or item of business is at hand when it occurs.  That would eliminate that small pile.  I use it as a very neat and orderly PENDING/IN PROGRESS system.  It's not exactly a good one though.  When we have company I sometimes have to move that small pile to the office, to my desk to begin it anew there.  Much like transplanting a plant:)  I say too, that I will not collect crap in my purse.  That, after each transaction, I will put away, throw away or organize immediately the contents of my purse.  It, at times, looks like a nest for a crazed bird - willy nilly shit stuffed in and hanging out.  Receipts hanging free and disorderly, empty hard candy wrappers, loose coins lining the bottom, 3 lipstick tubes not together but rather strewn haphazardly throughout all the compartments of my purse.  I hate that about myself.  I also say, I will diligently clean my house weekly.  I do well for awhile, but then a busy week comes, too many days of work in a row and I am thrown off my rhythm.  Then spring and summer come.  The great and wonderful out-of-doors beckons my soul and spirit and body to come partake.  And, I freely and consciously exclude the dust rag and the sweeper.  Cleaning is a winter sport anyway:)  I say too, I will not let dishes rest unrinsed in the sink, but immediately put them in the dishwasher.  I fail at that for spells too either because the dishwasher is full of clean dishes and I don't have time to unload it before consuming food using more dishes, or I am partaking of all summer sports out of doors!  I also say, I will not let my clothes that I have worn gather at the foot board of the bed.  I do so well for sprints, but can't seem to go the distance on that one.  That particular I said thing is just purely and merely the result of a bit of messiness that wants to abide in me from time to time.  For whatever reason I can be a bit messy, strewnishly disheveled in my surroundings (not piggy though) but then easily clean and organize it all back into shape.  I've been like that since a small kid.  Messiness and order reside as bedfellows in my heart and soul.  It's not that I can't be orderly all the time, it's that I sometimes just do not really want to.  Once in awhile I like that laid back, let it ride sort of way of living.  I can actually feel quite comfortable with the askewedness.  Like today.  Creating makes disorder and messes sometimes.  It's not going anywhere but stays right in the messy manner I have left it.  I will get it cleaned, organized and put away once again, eventually.  But I am quite, quite sure it won't stay that way.  There really is a decorating style called shaggy and askew.  I think I might just be a trend setter.

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