It is May 7th and I am freezing.  Sitting at my desk in my office at home I have on blue jeans, a t-shirt I got from Goodwill that says VOLCOM (a clothing company that caters to snowboarders, skiers and skate boarders - all of which are a real part of my 45ish year old culture!), slippers my Love got me for Christmas, and a white zip-up hooded sweatshirt.  Still not able to feel my hands or get my core warmed up, I plugged in the space heater and placed it about two-feet from me.  I am cold.  Although the outside temperature is 56 degrees, the gray drizzle makes it feel like negative thirty to me!  I am cold lots of times.  Too many times in fact.  Putting on more clothes is not an option that solves my cold issue either.  The cold is clear through to my core (that inner place that dictates your inner thermometer).  Being cold is a by-product of a dumpy thyroid.  Which, appears to have taken another hit showcasing its plummet once again with my excessive cold, extreme tiredness, along with skin and menstrual disturbances and a general offage of late.  I am willing all systems in my body to a place of oooohhhmmmmm - crossed legged sitting with index finger and thumbs touching while finding a place of serenity and harmony where all things abide in peace.  It's a day of two doctor appointments and an emergency dentist appointment.  I hate days of gray and rain let alone combined with 3 different doctor's appointments.  This is so not the way to spend a Monday off from work.   The first doctor's appointment was to begin at 8:30 a.m.  I sat in the examining room for 50 minutes before the doctor ever entered.  How can you get that far behind on the second appointment of the day?  I not only wanted to ask that question, but also wanted to unleash my impatience and philosophy of promptness to patients when he walked in.  But I was on a mad schedule and needed to get out of there so I could make the next scheduled appointment on my booked itinerary!  My spewing wrath to the doctor would have to be held over till I saw him again 6 weeks from now.  Over the weekend, my love of a hard candy called NIPS (quit laughing!), and my inability to NOT chew them as they get soft, pulled out my overlay on my back tooth.  The dentist called this morning from a message I left over the weekend.  I confessed it was my love of chewing something sticky that pulled it out.  Her reply was great, not condemning, "Well, was it at least good and yummy?"   As I age it takes way more care, without the results I want, to maintain this body of mine than it did 20 years ago.  If I have to wait at the next two appointments remaining today I might go postal!  Then again, who the hell is dumb enough to schedule that many depressing appointments in one day.

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  1. fo reals woman!! On the upside if your day is going to pot anyway make it all happen on same day. It's got nowhere to go but up! But reals woman!