I am a creature of habit.  Things that I like, I like.  Products that I love, I use to the exclusion of others.  Clothes styles that I like, I buy two or three of the same but in different colors.  Activities that bring satisfaction to my soul, with regularity, discipline or addiction, get incorporated into my world daily. 

For instance, my recent inventory count of lipstick and lip gloss/lip balms tallies up as follows;  lipstick tubes=12, lip balm=7, and lip gloss=2.   Some are repeating colors or shades, some are not.  I love lip stick and its extended family members.  It is a product that I use first thing in the morning, throughout the day, before I run, and end the day with a clear coat of lip balm, Burt's Bees of course.  

I also habitually do the same thing in the bathroom in the same order upon arising every morning.  It's simple; I go to the bathroom, wash my hands, assess the damage of aging overnight by souring my face for any new growth of chin hairs and wrinkles in the mirror, carry-on an internal conversation about how my hair fared sleeping on it and whether it can be salvaged or has to be washed.  I also brush my teeth while I weigh myself on our digital scale in the exact same item of clothing daily - my white panties only.  Upon completion of these almost OCDish steps, I apply a lip product of some kind.  Dependent upon my mood it is Burt's Bees or lipstick in a light natural shade.  I exit the bathroom to find something to put on for morning paper reading or coffee or my running clothes if it is a running day.  Same things just different day is all that changes.  Ok, and possibly the occasional chin hair thing!

Upon penning that paragraph I will now refer to myself in first person as lab rat #1.   That notion of routine, repetitiveness either agrees with you or makes you scream.  

I like that my niece Chloe hugs me hard and picks me up off the floor every time she sees me.  She repeats the same mantra about me when she does it.  I love that and missed it recently when I was with her and she was under the weather and missing her spark due to having mono.

I love to run without anyone around me.  That includes running in areas where there aren't a lot of people or much traffic.  It also includes not running with my husband.  I also like to walk out my front door and run in my neighborhood pretty much day after day after day.  I like that feeling of connecting to where I am at.  I don't want to drive somewhere, get out of the car and run my miles, then get back in the car and drive home.

My clothes are repeating styles with similar lines but in a few different colors.  I have Bandolino heels in 4 colors.  Same exact shoe, just different colors.  I have running shorts and running capris and running pants in similar styles in a couple of colors.  My shirts follow suit as well with duplicating or closely matched styles in a few different colors.  My bras too.  If I find one I like, I purchase several more like them.  Hanging neatly in my closet are four dress work jackets - same exact style in four different colors.  Of the jeans I own, three are from one store I like and three from another brand I like. 

I love that my daughter and I text, email or talk almost daily.  I love that we connect with a line or two, a conversation, a funny picture.  To connect to her is a repeating and blessed part of my every day.

My close friends and sisters show up regularly in my daily world with a touch of some kind.  We banter, complain, get jr highish, and speak love to each other just as routinely as my bathroom ritual occurs.

Everyday I photograph myself and text them to my husband.  Some are boring, normal, leaving the house for work, sitting at my desk.  Some are funny pictures of 10 pound buckets of lard at the grocery store.  Others, well, let's just say I won't let you scroll randomly through my pictures on my phone. 
Throughout the day I talk to God about just about everything.  I love that I can regularly, routinely, and as a part of the pattern of each day, talk to Him.  I love that when I think of our kids, I can pray for them.  Or when I am fighting some dysfunction in my thoughts or emotions with circumstances or people that God hears me. 

I love Skippy Natural Creamy Peanut Butter, real old fashioned oats, organic carrots, dried cranberries, unsalted pecans, Granny Smith apples, NIPS/a hard piece of caramel candy, popcorn with real butter and salt, full fat half n half cream in my coffee, exclusively flavored coffee only, fresh raspberries/blueberries/strawberries/blackberries, cantaloupe, raw vegetables and bacon.

What makes a great day?  I thought about that today since today was just a Thursday in yet another week.  Though my day might have seemed simple, boring almost routine, it was not.  It had elements of all the things I like and love - products, activities, things, and people.