I run in high gear most of the time.  It's just the way I'm wired.  The way that God assembled my parts, DNA and personality.  If you've read this blog for any length of time, you've no doubt picked up on the fact that I am fast, passionate and assertive.  It shows itself in just about everything I approach.  Driving as well.  I willingly admit that slow drivers bug the crap and swear words right out of me.  If at all possible, and the double yellow lines abate, I pass slow drivers.  I do so out of necessity for my spiritual and mental health.  I also pass them for their own safety and comfort.  Surely they would rather I go around them than follow closer than they might like in a driving non-verbal way of saying, "Come on!  Come on buddy!  Pick up the pace!"   I believe that whenever I am running too close to the clock for time is when the universe tries to intervene.  It tries to teach me to plan better, leave earlier, quit trying to do yet one more thing before leaving the house, have grace for slow drivers, realize that all the minutes I think I am saving really don't add up to that much savings.  I believe every day God is probably giving me an opportunity to learn those things.  To slow down, breathe, let loose of the adrenaline rush.  Everyday I fail the test.  I fall short of God's unorthodox nudgings showing me a better way.  Today, after cutting it a bit too close for time on my drive to work, I found myself behind slow drivers.  Most of which either pulled out in front of me or I caught up to as the distance between their under the speed limit and my over the speed limit collided.  I let a few choice words make their way from my mind straight out my mouth.  I wondered out loud in the car why slow drivers can't have a road system all their own.  I shared my driving experience with my boss upon getting into the office this morning.  He laughed stating, "Nancy, God gives you a new opportunity to learn the lesson, to get it right every day.  To slow down and find patience."  I laughed and said, "Well, if I was God I would have given up on me long before now."  I thought about God.  His lifelong love affair with loving me, trying to speak to me, show me things, open my eyes and heart to what I cannot see.  Maybe I didn't love the slow drivers, but I loved that God sent them into my path daily.  He must love me. 

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