I've said this before.  In fact, I've probably said most of the things I say before.  There isn't anything new under the sun.  King Solomon from the Bible said that too.  He was around long before me when technologically the world was different.  When culture was parametered with some definite metered variances from the society we are a part of presently.  He too had that thought, that poignant inescapable know that we as humans do not create anything - that we merely find things that are.  We do though, at times, try to pretend we are creators instead of finders.  After finding and experiencing we grow weary of their ultimate unfulfillment and insignificance.   Our perspective is off.  In talking to a friend of mine today, I was reminded that the things we need to know are there - outwardly and inwardly.  We just have to find them.  We have to let go and trust something bigger than ourselves.  Placed in is by God Himself is this intuitiveness that we have to be attuned to.  I do not believe in humanism - the thought that we hold within us everything we need.  That we are self-sustaining islands.  After acknowledging God's placement in us, we have to then be confident in the things we know deep inside.  They were placed there to be found.  That's part of our journey.  But refer back to the statement that there isn't anything new under the sun.  That we as humans do not create anything, we merely find it.  I say to my dear friend on her journey to is right in front of you.  Trust The God who made you to be a delightful and whole person.  Trust God to give you confidence to find the path, the healing, the answers, the sense or non-sensicalness of it all, and the joy that has already been created for you and is waiting for you to uncover and find. 

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