I watched a movie tonight with my husband.  It was a simple, sweet ending to an ordinary Saturday.  There was nothing outstanding about the day.  No social obligations or time demands or projects that had the overly imperative stamp on them.  In living life there is always regular things that have to be done.  Just run-of-the-mill sort of taking care of the business of life kinds of things.  Depending on the day, the need, the season, the time allotted before us, we do everyday sort of things.  Dishes, meal making, laundry, cleaning, mowing the yard, groceries, paying bills take up regular and routine parts of our days.  There is nothing spectacular about them as they are never finished or totally completed before they have to be redone and redone and redone and redone.  Doing them in repetition until we perish from the earth.  Now that paints a drab picture to some maybe.  It doesn't to me.  Other tasks or care-giving sorts of things depend on the season; gardening, shoveling snow, raking leaves, planting flowers, outside projects.  We cycle through them for a spell each year before moving on to the next seasonal chores or joys, depending on your view.  To some degree, unless you are of the lifestyles of the rich and famous, they are inescapable.  They are like oxygen is to our survival - necessary.  If you were to put me in front of two objects that were unpriced but similar in nature, I would invariably pick the more expensive one.  I don't know why, but that always seems to be the case.  Though I have found that I can live without expensive things.  But, I can't thrive without simple pleasures.  They are priceless and cannot be bought.  They are like a pad of butter on fresh green beans or real whipped cream on a bowl of fresh blueberries.  As Doug drove to pick up the movie I texted him; Honey....I love being with you:) I am excited to eat popcorn and watch a movie.  Simple pleasures with the person I most love! 

He responded with....

I love the life we have together.  That includes; popcorn, movies, sex, love, eating, laughing, yard work, gardening, being together, walking, cooking, watching TV, hanging with the girls, learning, driving, eating ice cream, eating food, sitting on the front steps, sitting on the back patio, cleaning house, washing dishes, your hugs from behind, kisses in your neck, nibbling your ear, going to church, hanging out with your family, going to Dairy Queen, going to Ritters, going out to eat, eating in, shoveling the drive, raking leaves, take care of Fenley, going to the beach, going to Chicago, going to Washington D.C., going to Traverse City, picking up your subscriptions and prescriptions.  Texting you.

Mundane holds such simple pleasures.

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