Seriously, this is not a joke.  This is the sign I read yesterday while driving in the town I live in.  I had been by this building a zillion times, but had never paid much attention to even what business it was.  That is, until yesterday.  I laughed out loud alone in the car as a myriad of questions and comments flew through my mind....


Now I don't know about you, but I was a bit unsure what direct cremation was as opposed to indirect cremation.  Does that mean the middle man which would probably be the funeral home is excluded?  Does it mean that I can take Grandpa Sal's dead body directly there in the back of the mini-van (like the movie "Little Miss Sunshine"), and they will cremate him?  Do they have a drive-up window for drop-off and pick-up?  Is it like the supermarket Aldis where I bring my own container for the ashes?  If I'm going to get cremated anyway, do I need a funeral home involved? 

If you are curious as to what direct cremation is, click on the link:

I am most definitely a practical realist who loves simple to-the-point anything.  I am a full body donor, that is if there is any working organ left in me upon my death.  I don't want a fuss made over me when I leave the earth.  Don't display me in dead form to those that only had a relationship with a living, breathing and oxygenated colored Nancy.  Don't have tributes and bawling over me. 

Even me, who has signed up for that way of disposing of my empty spirited body, thinks that sign seemed a bit unpolished.  A tad overly direct.  Definitely though did it peak my interest and cause me to search for information on leaving out the middle man in death.  It seemed akin to shopping at the clearance rack or even Goodwill.  Hmmmmmm:)   Appealing to me.

I have always found it amazing how much money is spent on people after they die.  It just doesn't make logical sense to me.  I am not an advocate of mass graves and disrespectful and dishonoring behavior in handling dead bodies.  Absolutely not.  But, respect isn't greater because I have a $10,000 headstone, 3 viewings and a funeral mass with 500 in attendance. 

Funerals though really are for the living.  A way, I suppose, for us who still participate in this life to make peace with the loss of someone from our everyday world.  To stop and remember, put in perspective the start and end of a life.  To pay homage.

For me though, I am ok with a $795.00 direct cremation, an 8x10 framed glossy picture of me next to my mayonnaise jar of ashes, a time to laugh over who I was with home-made pie and southern pecan coffee for everyone in attendance. 


  1. If it's ok with you, I'll celebrate your life with some dark chocolate, tapioca or custard and a good cup of coffee. :))

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