I have food burn-out.  Do you ever get that?  Some of you might be thinking, geez I wish I had that....I need to have food burn-out....maybe I would drop a few pounds if food just didn't grab my attention so much.  Absolutely nothing sounds good.  Nothing.  The things I normally eat aren't holding any appeal.  I'm not even hungry today.  What causes that?  I ask my husband from time to time what sounds good to him for dinner.  Usually I ask that when I feel like this - in a food abyss.  Or I ask it when I feel like I keep making the same smattering of meals over and over again.  I've said this before; I don't live to eat but rather, eat to live.  I suppose if I were unable to eat solid food I would soon crave it.  That seems to be human nature - we want what we cannot have sometimes.  That's not to say that I don't like certain things, get hankerings for them, appreciate the yummy taste of certain things.   In fact, recently I had a lust and a deep longing for a scrambled egg and a pancake.  I really never eat either.  We went to IHOP where I had a kids meal of just that with proportions more to my liking.  My husband laughed, when over the following days after that $2.99 kids meal of one scrambled egg and a junior sized pancake, I raved and raved about how that just hit the spot.  Today though nothing is calling me food wise.  To be honest, sometimes eating is just a pain.  There are so many restrictions and allergies, and stipulations to what I can eat without an effect of some sort, that I just grow weary of it.  Once in awhile I long for simpler, more carefree, less problematic eating days in my life like when I was a kid or a young adult!  My love affair with all things vegetableish and raw has even waned in recent days.  I wonder if I ate nothing at all how long it would take for me to get really, really hungry?  Diseases in my body prohibit me from doing that though.  When I met my husband I basically ate a handful of things over and over; oatmeal, stir fry, peanut butter, PURE bars and CLIFF bars, raw veggies and some fruit.  He got concerned when, the first week we were dating, I ate peanut butter daily.  It's a super food so to speak:)  Food is supposed to be like gasoline is to our cars - fuel to give us energy.   I wonder when God created the earth and all that is in it - our food source, if He knew we would take something He created in a pure form and destroy it, pollute it, make it a demi-god and turn it into something He never intended it to be.  We don't have to hunt and gather our food really any more, discounting a drive to the supermarket.  So, instead of a need based process, it is now a want based system.  No wonder I'm not hungry! 

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