Since I opened up reader comments for the blog post, "YOUR GAME PIECE",  I have gotten several requests for blog post subject material.  The one that I am approaching presently is in response to a reader request in both subject matter and writing style approach.  This present request, sparking this blog post, came from my daughter who reads this blog regularly. 

Hannah (my daughter and a grown and married woman) found my blog soon after its August 2010 infancy when it was originally titled, Tripped Out On Life's Textures, and written under the pseudo name Lynn Cherry.  She has great investigative sleuthing abilities which she garnered from me.  I give her a full standing ovation, extra credit points as well, for seeking and discovering something that I had somewhat hidden from her.  I had never told her what pen name I used, what the original blog title was or any real specific information.  Yet, her inquisitive and seeking mind and spirit eventually found it. 

She left a comment today with a subject matter blog post request.  This was her comment...
A post about all the reasons why your daughter is the funniest person in the family sans sarcasm. 

Freely and openly I admit when I read her request for a blog post, I laughed out loud.  Just because I laughed does not mean I think or know she is the funniest in the family.  On the contrare, laughter is a regular part of my DNA just like the need for oxygen is.  She has now taken our family feud over who is the funniest in the family to a public platform.  She knows I will honor my blog post declaration of saying I will write about whatever subject someone requests.  I give her points for the sneaky way she tried to get to the home plate declaration of being the funniest in the family. 

I also give her a deep royalty type of bow in honor of her usage of the word "sans" in her blog post subject request.  She knows me well.  Greatly familiar she is with my pepperage of sarcasm in most of what I say or deliver.  She is akin to sarcasm herself, using it like butter on a warm roll - liberally.  I genetically gave her that ability and then consistently modelled its use for her. 

For those of you unfamiliar with the word sans, it means without in French.  That whole French connection would be tied to her husband who speaks French and no doubt gave her the idea for that word.  Brilliant use and combination of a French word with the word sarcasm.  That in and of itself is very funny.  Her handling  and incorporation of great word pairings would also come from me. 

She wanted me to say that she is the funniest in the family, to give her the award we have both been vying for.  She is funny.  Very.  Just not the funnIEST in the family.  She has not eclipsed the master, yet.

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