I was thinking about alternative fuel sources recently.  Really, it wasn't me as much as my husband.  He has a highly creative, entreprenualish mind.  I think it constantly whirls with ideas.  This one in particular, though maybe a bit yucky to think or even talk about, might be yet untapped.  He and I are constantly thinking of how to be on the front of the curve of technology.  This unusual idea sprang forth from him.  It all stemmed from my menstrual cycle starting.  I am 45 years old and am personally sick of having it.  I am not using that system for reproduction needs any longer.  Sex, yes!   Making children, hell to the no!!!  Hearing me complain that it came again, early (the road to menopause is long and convoluted it seems) and we needed to add tampons to the list of things we were en route to the store to buy, he laughed.  It seems that Doug wondered why no one had harnessed all the menstrual blood in the world to use for something worthwhile.  I laughed out loud.  And quite hard!!  But wait, that could possibly be a bit of brilliance and innovation that merely needed science to flesh it out to fruition.  We bantered back and forth ideas about how to collect it monthly.  Those ideas for collection were both semi-practical to mostly ridiculous.  Doug suggested sitting on a bucket for 4-5 days!  Where would women take it if they could collect it?  What could the uses for it be exactly?  Mind you this whole conversation is coming from two non-medical or science fielded persons so we were painting in large strokes.  Could it be recycled or centrifuged to purify it?  Would it have any medicinal value to any diseases as it is rich in nutrients that were designed to help foster the ignition of egg and sperm to fetus?  What about an alternative fuel source?  That one was most definitely Doug's idea.  If it could be used for a fuel source it would have to be so powerful and dense that only relatively small amount would be needed to power an engine.  Why had no one pursued this?  Seriously.  Someone realized at some point in the evolution of medicine that we could recycle and purify blood to help those with little to no kidney function.  Someone else figured out that other people's blood could be put into another's body who had a bleed, trauma, or disease that caused a lowering of blood volume levels.   I told Doug that probably it was not pursued innovatively in products or medicine because it would make the female gender the favored gender.  We would be all-powerful.  Possibly even taking over the world!  It could make smoking the white cigar a form of income for all women in their reproductive years.  Supplemental income for the household!  Men though probably aren't ready for that or the thought of menstrual docking stations. 


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