If you've ever been to a large metropolitian city, or possibly Tejuana Mexico, you know there is a population of street beggars.  I'm not arguing their authenticity, whether it's a racket or not, just that large cities seem to be a breeding ground for it. 

Having walked past dozens and dozens of beggars employing various techniques to garner passerbys attention, I was struck by one gentleman's by-line to me as I walked by, "Darling, nice tan!"  I couldn't help but laugh.  I didn't though stop and give him any money.  I didn't necessarily doubt his begging sincerity, but do prefer my beggars to not comment on my physical appearance.   Manipulate my emotions, possibly yes.  Comment on my physical appearance, no!

Later in the day, phone in hand strolling the streets of the shopping district of downtown Chicago, a man walked up to me and recited his phone number to me.  I smiled.  "I saw you had your phone out, thought I would make it easy for you."  he said.  My smile changed to out loud laughter.  Kudos to that man for his bold originality, but I was deeply in love.  No pick up line would altar that one iota.

It was hot in Chicago yesterday, topping out at around 90 degrees.  So, that said, you see all sorts of scantily clad women.  Some, like me, are tastefully dressed for hot weather.  Others, like the woman who I followed for nearly a block just because I couldn't peel my eyes off her ass and outfit, defy taste and decorum. 

She was African-American with a body feature she obviously wanted to highlight.  Not necessarily fat, but not thin and lean either, she filled out fully the little bit she was wearing.  It was slinky, thin material, a bit drapey that barely covered covered her ass.  If that wasn't bad enough, it was a champagne color which allowed all to see what was or was not under it.  She was wearing a thong to which you could clearly see the straps coming up her buttocks and hips along with the strap crammed in her crack as the material clung to her derriere like a mountain climber to the side of a mountain.

How she walked in those high of heels, I do not know.  But, the combination of the style, material, her round hiney and the height of her shoes created a sort of up and down movement of her butt cheeks that nearly hypnotized me.  I couldn't look away.  In fact, I was so unabashed in my looking that I did it boldly without removing my gaze from her back side.  It could have easily become the 8th wonder of the world, or at least Michigan Street in Chicago.

Her make-up, jewelry and hair matched what your mind has conjured up to this point already.  The hitch in her get-a-long and the nearly invisible dress was captivating.  She probably knew it.  Knowing it, plus going out in public like that qualified her as possibly the dumbest person on the planet right next to any member of the Kardashian family. 

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  1. Thank goodness she had flossed for the day!