Last time I had my vehicle in for service at the dealer where we bought it, they told me it had a dead cell in the battery.  Not being a licensed mechanic myself, I asked if it was imperative to get a new battery right then.  Since I had only had one time when it would not start, I felt like I was willing to roll the dice.  I figured worst case scenario, the battery would die at a most inconvenient time and/or location and I would have to get a jump from someone to get home.  Not great, but doable.  I felt like I would approach this impending need for a new battery like I do putting gas in my car - wait until there is no other option.

My husband left for work and soon after I was headed out the door to an appointment about 30 minutes from my house.  I turned the key less starter only to hear it turn over quickly and then die.  Oh no, I thought, my key fob battery is dead.  I tried it again, expecting it to turn over but prepared to run back in the kitchen where the extra key fob battery is kept for times just like this.

I turned it again.  All the lights on the dash board lite up with the same clicking sound emanating from the engine as before.  It appeared that dead battery cell had finally caught up with me.  It didn't make an appointment or come at a convenient when I had all the time in the world kind of day.  I called my husband who came home from work that he had just arrived at to jump my car.  I called my appointment and told them I would be 30 minutes or so late. 

Feeling very confident it was the doomed battery, I figured upon leaving my appointment I would require yet another jump to get me back home and to the auto part store for a new battery.  As I predicted, the car did not start upon leaving the appointment but only clicked loudly upon start. 

One of the staff at the business where I was, a woman, came out to let me jump my battery off her car.  I had the cables but needed a working battery to juice mine back up.  She pulled her car next to mine.  Now mind you, I am no Goober the mechanic from the "Andy Griffith Show", but I can jump a battery.  She, on the other hand, didn't even know where the battery was once her hood was up. 

After I attached both cable ends to each car battery she smiled at me, made some comment about this is stuff her husband does but made no attempt to start her car.  She just stood there.  I wondered to myself if she was that clueless and did not fully understand she needed to now start her car so its battery could re-juice mine.  My thought didn't last long when she said, "Go start your car now.  It is charged."  I was in trouble.  She was clueless.  It was not my car that needed to be started, but hers, the one with the working battery.  I explained that her car now needed to be started to charge my battery. 

After a few short minutes, my car started.  I disconnected the cables and shut both of our car hoods.  She stood by seeming a bit unsure of how all of it had worked.  Whether she was handy or mechanically inclined or not, I didn't care.  She had a car battery that she was willing to share.  It gave me enough power to get to Auto Zone for a new car battery.

Standing in Auto Zone paying for my new battery and wiper blades, I heard one employee turn to another and say, "Somebody better go out and help that guy.  I sent him out to check his engine to see if it was a V6.  He's been out there staring at the engine for quite some time now.  I think he is clueless!"  He must have been related to the lady that let me borrow her battery juice.

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