When I was growing up there was a game show called, "Let's Make A Deal".  This was the original show hosted and created by Monty Hall that first  aired in 1963, not the re-make version hosted by Wayne Brady presently.

The game's premise was that you could make a deal.  The participant would be given something; a TV, a vacation, etc.  Then they were offered a deal.  But, the deal was unseen.  It was a gamble whether you were trading up or down.  I loved the show!  There were outrageous costumes and much screaming from the audience trying to convince the player to gamble or keep the original deal.

While on vacation last week we stopped into a casino.  Neither of us are gamblers really.  Doug is a better poker player than I, but doesn't play poker or blackjack in a casino.  Strictly we do the slots.  And precisely we really only ever play the Wheel Of Fortune .25 cent slot with a limit of spending $20.00. 

Doug pushed the twenty dollar bill in and told me to sit, instructed me to push the button and then watched as I won a dollar on the first spin.  On my second spin I got the bonus of spinning the wheel of fortune.  I spun it and won 250 points, the equivalent of $62.50.  My eyes widened and we immediately cashed out and left the casino.  We don't mess around thinking we are going to win again!  We got our $20.00 back and made $62.50 in about 40 seconds.

I don't know if I was on "Let's Make A Deal" what I would do.  I think it would depend on whether I had an affinity towards the thing I could either trade and gamble with or keep. 

I thought about that today.  Sometimes if I am comfortable and it makes sense I don't take a risk.  That's not always good.  Safe is good, but shouldn't be a crutch to keep us from the unknown which many times holds the promise to be better than the safe. 

I can think of an issue in my life that I probably need to let loose of and gamble on.  Oh I can keep the flat screen HDTV or I can see what is behind curtain number 1. 

Doug is my gamble on love.  He is my "Let's Make A Deal" win.  I'm feeling quite lucky.

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