I am not an Oprah fan.  But, she highlights the power of viral marketing.  If you say something enough times and a few people ooohh and aaahhh over it, they will tell others.  The cycle repeats itself until, the momentum itself is what breeds the popularity, not necessarily the quality of the object/person themselves.  She has created a marketing empire bringing what might have been undiscovered and both undeserving things and people to the forefront.  She created taste pandimonium to some degree. 

I saw it in real estate when I was a realtor.  There was a man-made lake in my county.  In terms of lakes, it wasn't the nicest in the area for sure.  It was created by a man, illegally to some degree, scamming the Amish from some property and then flooding a wetland zone.  He marketed the hell out of it to Chicagoans.  They weren't locals and didn't have the lens maybe in which to view it clearly.  It caught on like wild fire.  Now mind you, there were submerged trees along a good part of the lake.  It didn't have the greatest color of water compared to other lakes, but someone started ooohhing to someone in Chicago. 

Some of us, or possibly all of us to some degree, both consciously and subconsciously, are influenced by what someone says.  That's why we wear logos on our clothes from certain designers because someone said that is cool, a marker of something.  No doubt that's why we buy in certain neighborhoods, or drive certain cars, or style our hair a certain way.  We even read, eat, and purchase certain things by those influences.  It is also the reason there are fads.  We are all on a quest to find the next best thing we cannot live without. 

I decided this week that I have things I really like.  This list does not involve people.  I have both some people I love deeply and some well, that like is being kind.  There are definite things that there is no way in hell I like nor will I ever.

MY LOVE LIST (incomplete but a full list may be requested if you so desire)

Alexander Valley Silver Oak Cabernet Sauvignon    $110 a bottle
UNFLIPPINGBELIEVABLE!  Oakey beyond measure and more velvety than anything I've ever tasted. The after swallow is even better than the swallow. Give me a straw please and a case!  Wine that expensive is ridiculous though indeed!

Cherry Republic Cherry BBQ Sauce  $7.95 for a pint jar
Throw in some cooked Michigan tart cherries to a delicious BBQ sauce and you could eat this straight from the jar without it ever making it to the meat on the grill! 

Gloria Jean's Macadamia Cookie Coffee  $12.00 for 24 K-cups
Smooth and creamy as a baby's butt with a nutty and buttery taste that makes you feel like you chewed something baked.  Add a touch of real half-n-half and the climax grows to near orgasmic levels!

The book, ZIPPY, by Haven Kimmell     $12.95 on
Currently on my fourth read of this book, I discovered it by accident at my local library some years back.  After literally laughing my way through it, and the author's ability to uniquely describe things in a story, I bought 3 copies and mailed them to my two sisters and my mom.  I have shared the book with others, one of which now refers to me as Zippy.

The Boathouse Restaurant-On the Peninsula Traverse City, MI   $40 meal
Veal Marsala is to die for.  I almost rarely eat red meat.  Though, I do not have an aversion to baby calves raised exclusively for their tender meat either.  This dish was absolutely the best I have ever eaten in my life.  Thinking about the flavors, the tenderness of that cut of veal, the Marsala sauce combined with the risotto makes me long to taste it again.  It was eaten during a severe thunderstorm which came across the bay adding to the ambiance, quality and setting of the restaurant and food.  Like any more expensive meal, the portion was small and made you wish for a double helping!  If I were on death row and was asked the last meal I would want to eat before the curtain is called, I would request the Veal Marsala from The Boathouse.  What a flavor to have in your mouth when the lights go out!

Aloe There by Botanica Lotion    $24.95 a bottle
The thickest and best absorbing creme ever.  It consists of aloe, hemp seed oil, honey, soy and a bevy of stuff that one would not associate with rubbing on your body parts.  It is white and thick, but not greasy and feels like I think a puffy white cloud might feel set against a blue sky.  If you have chronic dry skin this is the creme for you.  It is best used daily in huge amounts right after the shower or post-sun. If a non-scent can have a smell that becomes like your skin, this is it!  It is the first layer of cremes I apply daily.  Ask my husband what he thinks of the smoothness it creates on your skin:)

MY NO WAY IN HELL EVER  (too long to list them all - request if desired)

Wear a tennis visor
Never ever will you see me wear a tennis visor.  Either wear a full hat or don't wear one. 

Own a Hummer
If there is moral reason for not liking something then I have it towards Hummers.  I cannot, based on my mode of living and thinking, drive a vehicle that is the epitome of excessive and marketing hype.  Why would I, even if I had money to blow, want to gas up a vehicle originally designed for military use that gets 7 mpg. 

Have a baby in my late forties
Hell to the no!  I have NO desire to birth a child at 46.  I love my daughter, love being a mom to her at her age of 25.  I love my freedom to come and go at my age.  The thought of raising a child until I am in my early-mid sixties is just frightening. 

Paint my fingernails red or wear red lipstick
Fingernail polish is garish to me.  Especially bright red.  It is ostentatious and looks ridiculous.  So is bright red lipstick.  My dad always said, "If the barn needs painting, then paint it."  Bright red fingernail polish and lipstick is like painting the words PAL MALL in huge print on the side of the barn. 

Get a massage in the mall
Never will you find me face down forward in a massage chair in one of those oriental massage places in the mall.  If I am going to get a massage, it is going to be in a dark, quiet room with Yanni music playing.  I want to strip down to my nothings and have every square inch of my body plied until it turns to butter.  I don't want my ass facing the mall walking crowd with a sign near me that says, MASSAGE 10 MINUTES - $10.

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