On my running route today I saw something I had never seen before.  It's not to say that it has never been done by anyone, I just have never witnessed it.  There was a small chance that this home maintenance project was cutting edge and innovative, saving time and energy.  But more likely, it was utilized primarily by the demographic I witnessed using this method. 

I actually slowed my pace to take it all in.  Running through a neighborhood on the river, was an elderly man with his Shop Vac (it was just about like the one I have in the basement) outside in his landscaping.  He had all the tube extensions connected with the brush attachment on the end.   There sat his blue and gray sweeper amongst his evergreen bushes as he reached the sweeper wand up underneath the soffit and then down the shutters and brick. 

At first glance I giggled a bit.  Maybe he was meticulous.  Maybe his method came from age and the need for minimal energy output constraints. Then I thought.... Brilliant he is.  Why have I not ever thought of that idea.  Sure it would involve a long extension cord to reach all the way around my house, but I had that

Just like I use the brush attachment on my indoor vacuum to sweep down the corners or around the ceiling where spider webs can gather, he was doing the same thing outside.  It really wasn't any different I suppose.  And was out of place.  Out of the ordinary.

Did he arise that morning and roll over to Gladys and say, "Honey, I am going to vacuum all the spider webs and debris off the soffits, gutter fronts, bricks and shutters today."  I wondered if possibly he just needed a project.  You know that life had gotten smaller and this gave him some project to work on.

I wondered as I ran away from his house, if he needed busy work.  If he did, I had a shop vac, an extension cord and a herd of spiders gathering outside my house. 

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