The grocery store chain in my town has a 10 for $10 sale this week.  It's a bigger Midwest regional chain.  I noticed this morning in the paper that the other more locally owned and smaller chained grocery store was counter-acting the competition's sale with their own 5 for $5 sale.  Meant to attract households with less populations possibly.

It's only Doug and I in the house who consume the majority of the food, short of family and friends who occasionally come for dinner.  I don't know what to do with 10 peppers for $10, 10 cucumbers, 10 containers of cherry tomatoes, 10 packages of broccoli crowns, 10 avocados, 10 bags of mini carrots or 10 mangoes.  All of those things have a useage life span.  With two people I can't necessarily use them up before they are beyond their window of maximum freshness. 

I could make some guacamole and freeze it while enjoying just a couple of fresh avocados during the week.  Hypothetically I could cut up 10 mangoes and put them in the freezer for smoothies which Doug eats for breakfast most days.  I have yet to come up with something to utilize 10 containers of cherry tomatoes and 10 cucumbers in that doesn't involve a small garden party.  The broccoli would freeze and the other few crowns of it could be eaten raw or made into broccoli salad.  I can always use 10 cans of petite diced tomatoes for chili and what have you.  And boxes of pasta don't typically go bad, so I am good there. 

Canned peaches and pineapple or pears are good to have around.  A peach pie always tastes good!  And my grandma Yeager's pineapple cheese salad hits the spot from time to time.  I can use 10 boxes of Kleenex ultimately so that is a great deal.  I don't use cake mixes or 10 for $10 would be an amazing deal.  And ketchup, well I think I am still using the bottle I opened a year ago.  Maybe a food pantry could use what I can't.  Why does this feel a bit excessive to me? 

What I want them to have 10 for $10 is the Dove six-pack of soap I use.  I am out of that this week.  How about packs of razor blades?  That would be a hell of a deal!  Also, I am low in dish soap, Windex, toilet cleaner, napkins and the raspberry lemonade Doug loves to drink.  Where are those sales?

I have never seen Tide 10 for $10 or Crest whitestrips included in that 10 for $10 sale either.  What it tells me, based on the products that are usually offered in these 10 for $10 sales, is there is a considerable mark-up on certain items.  And, that certain items sold in mass quantities of 10 for $10 still earn them a profit.

So, I have finished my list.  I scoured the flier again and found Pedigree canned 22 ounce dog food 10 for $10.  I don't have a dog.  I still hate grocery shopping with a deep and abiding passion.  And, if you need to borrow a box of Kleenex I have at least one to spare!

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