My daughter turns 25 in 3 days.  For her birthday she requested that her and I go to a concert at a place called Mojoes in Joliet, Illinois.  For you movie buffs out there, Joliet was where Jake (John Belushi) from the movie, "The Blues Brothers" was in jail.  They called him Joliet Jake.

If you are planning a trip to Chicago I would highly suggest you by-pass Joliet.  It is a rough, depressing, economically challenged south side suburb of Chicago.  The movie paints a pretty accurate picture of Joliet.   

I love music.  So does Hannah.  The concert was billed as a three-some; Katelyn Tarver, Parachute and The Cab.  She wanted to see The Cab and I love Parachute.  It was one of those standing room only venues.  I was feeling a bit old.

Across from Mojoes, the concert bar, was a restaurant called Thayers where we dined waiting and watching the huge line that had formed outside of Mojoes for the start of the concert.  As we sat down, Hannah noticed 4 guys sitting at a table across the restaurant.  "The Cab", she quietly said to me, "That's The Cab eating over there." 

Neither her nor I are celebrity stalkers.  I don't care about autographs, etc.  People are people are people to me.  That does not diminish say the President of the United States, Mark Zuckerberg, Tim Tebow or The Cab.  But, they are humans first who happen to do things that garner public attention.  I don't really want to feed their egos, or conversely if be the case, disrupt any attempt they may be having in public to have a normal meal or shopping experience, etc.

After much discussion, searching our Smart phones for pictures, we determined with more than 70% confidence that it was The Cab.  I asked Hannah if she wanted me to go over and talk to them, get her picture with them.  Yes, came her excited reply.  I am not shy.  In fact, conversating is probably one of my strong suites brushed with a bit of boldness.  And, it was her birthday so I was going to give her something she really wanted if I could.

As we approached the table, I apologized for interrupting their dinner, shared that I thought I knew who they were, and that it was my daughter's 25th birthday.  Would they take a picture with her?  They were gracious and warm, one of them (the blonde) was engaging and invited Hannah to sit down in their midst at the table.  I snapped the picture.  Then, in typical I-am-a-touchy-feelie person style, I touched each of their shoulders telling them I was old enough to be their mom and to sing well.  Hannah and I were feeling like we just got away with something sweet.  The Cab was one of her favorite bands. 

Moments later a couple sat down by us in the restaurant.  You could tell by her pink hair and their ridiculous style that they too were concert goers.  I leaned over and pointed out to them The Cab seated just across the way.  The pink haired girl very matter-of-factly replied, "That is not The Cab.  We just saw them outside."

Hannah and I looked at each other in horror.  Was this four-some of men even a band?  Did they just play along with me coming over to the table, much like my son-in-law did while in China and people came up to him for his "Bon Jovi" autograph?  Oh geez!

As we left the restaurant and stood in line across the street to get in the concert, we decided that if they were concert goers and came out of the restaurant and got in line we would laugh hysterically from embarrassment.  The four guys came of the restaurant and instead of getting in line, walked around the back of the concert venue for entrance in the back.  They were a band indeed, but not The Cab.  It was Parachute, the band that I loved!

Hannah tweeted to Parachute, "Thanks for the birthday wishes and putting up with my crazy mom!"

I had wasted this birthday of my daughter thing, could be your mother speech thinking it was The Cab.  Hannah got her picture with my group!  We were thrown off by the numbers; The Cab has 4 band members (the number sitting at the table) while Parachute has 5 band members.  The Parachute members eating included all of the band except the lead singer.

The concert was deafeningly loud, but good.  We had a great place to stand for 3 1/2 hours.  We both got to hear bands we loved.  Hannah got her picture taken with one of my favorite groups.   I loved her 25th birthday experience we had together.  I was the oldest person in attendance, barring the one big, bald fat security guard.  And, I have finally regained my temporary hearing loss.

Hannah and Parachute at Thayers Restaurant in Joliet, Illinois
The picture is devoid of me!

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