I once ate a whole pint box of frozen strawberries my mom had picked and froze in one sitting before school. It was the first time I can remember throwing up, and I believe only one of two throw up events in my life. Why I can remember that, I don't really know.

I suppose we associate certain things with certain things. Forever ingrained in me when I see and taste the texture of frozen strawberries in my mouth is that event. I can't say I am a fan of frozen strawberries unless they are mixed in with Breyers Strawberry ice cream  Then, I'm all for them.

One time when my two sisters and I were kids, my middle sister Diane, having eating fried squash with dinner, heaved her cookies later. She was henceforth convinced it was the garden squash that made her sick. We weren't. It was probably the flu. To this day I think she still associates that striped long necked garden squash with throw-up!

I considered naming my daughter Aubrey when she was born. I loved the BREAD song, "Aubrey". Her name though is Hannah. My train of thought to abandon the name Aubrey was because no one would hear it as Aubrey but instead think it was Audrey. I did NOT like the name Audrey because 25 years ago the Audrey that I knew was not physically attractive. That is so wrong and shallow of me. I associated that name with that lot in life. I did not wish that for my daughter.  Logically that has nothing to do with it. But then again neither do frozen strawberries or garden squash have full culpability in the throw-up of our childhoods.

 Our house got struck by lightning once and it started a house fire. The lightning strike was to the ground close the TV antenna tower on the outside of the house. The strike's voltage moved through the ground to the wire on the tower where it entered the house and began smoldering through the electrical wiring in the basement.

Lightning strikes the ground most of the time in storms. But, immediately after the fire and restoration we removed that tower from our house. There was still a statistical chance that even with the tower gone another lightning strike could start a house fire. It happens all the time.

 I think the same relates to people who win a roll of the dice by blowing or kissing their hand. It's why people who are avid baseball or football fans wear the same pair of underwear, do the same rituals before every game that a win occurred under those same conditions.

That's why there are folklorean good luck charms like; four leaf clovers, a rabbit's foot, a garlic necklace, picking up a penny, rubbing Buddha's belly, dream catchers, the number seven, the wishbone of poultry and a falling star.

All are illogical, superstitious and ridiculous ways that we deduce something that can't be nailed down into controllable pieces. We believe that we, or certain rituals or objects, can change the outcome or prevent bad things in the future.

Silly when you think it about it broke down that way, isn't it! Just as ridiculous as me trying mineral oil and sardines to induce the start of labor. Hannah though was born the next day.

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