The heat has been unrelenting as of late, setting all kinds of records across the U.S. this summer of 2012.  With temps breaking the 100 barrier for days on end, and the nights not cooling down like is typical in the Midwest in summer, people have been hibernating.  It has been like the dead of winter in my neighborhood.  Only a brave few of us ventured out to run early or walk late at  night. 

Last night the heat backed off and a cold front finally arrived.  By cold front I mean mid-80's.  Everything, weather included, is all about comparisons.  85 degrees compared to 105 degrees is enjoyable.  50 degrees compared to 30 degrees is delightful.  A job you don't like compared to not having a job is way better.  Even a rebellious teenager is a gift compared to the option of a tragic accident that takes their life. 

I thought about all the things that I want better or different.  My relentless spirit is just that, relentless at times.  Just like the 105 degree stretch, I can get overly focused on that thing, the issue, the project that needs to be done or started.   It would seem that I never am satisfied fully or for long periods of time with what is in my hand.  Maybe it is my personality, maybe it is just generalized human tendencies, but I can readily lose sight in same, unmoving, non-creative, unchanging, or stuff I don't like.

Yesterday I spent the entire day outside.  It was something that for weeks I haven't been able to do because of the extreme heat.  I probably enjoyed that 87 degrees more than ever before since I had been relegated to early morning and late night ventures out only.  I told myself to savor the day, to remember how great it felt, to not forget or complain when I got weary of high 80 degree days and longed for a bit cooler - to recall the 105 degree stretch.  I then giggled at myself.  Without things to compare something to it is hard to always rejoice in the moment.  I suppose there lies the secret blessing of good times and bad ones. 

I once heard a quote that said, "You should appreciate what is before it isn't."  Maybe that means even 105 degree heat.  I suppose compared to 10 degrees and a blizzard it really isn't that bad!

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