Traversing I-80/90 this past weekend, I pulled into a lane that read IZOOM or CASH.  I've been meaning to purchase an IZOOM but just haven't gotten around to it.  It's almost like a roll of the dice when pulling up to an automated toll booth - which lane is going to move faster.  That matters to me.  That's why I take the toll road - my need for speed and maximizing time from point A to point B.

I pulled in behind a motorcycle pulling a small matching turtle trailer.  This will be fast, I thought to myself since I was next in line ready to snatch my ticket and gun it.  The motorcycle lingered and lingered.  I noticed that he had his arm up high and was waving his IZOOM in his hand hoping that the reader would scan it allowing the mechanical arm to raise.  Well, he is smarter than I, he bought an IZOOM.

Only for a few minutes did I hold the he-is-smarter-than-me thought till it turned to, give it up buddy and take a ticket and pay the $3.00 upon exiting I-80/90!!  He obviously didn't hear my loud and raging thoughts which had now erupted into audibles in the car.  He continued to back up and hold his arm up, then pull forward and repeat the insane motions.  IT IS NOT GOING TO WORK MAN!

By now people coming up behind me had seen the commotion and that the lane was totally stopped.  Everyone either backed up or slowed down and switched automated lanes.  Why didn't I?  I think I was both amused and annoyed at the goings on of this gentleman, his inability to know that he was now a ginormous wrench in the cog of fluid movement through the ticket booth.  I too was curious as to just how long it would take him to abandon his futile attempt and grab a ticket and pay cash up his exit.

It went on and on.  I could take it no more.  Having only twenty dollar bills, I asked my daughter if she had 3-$1 bills.  She willingly gave them to me as I exited the car and walked up to his motorcycle.  I hit the take the ticket button and handed him the ticket and my $3 cash.  "Sir, please take this ticket and $3."  Maybe it was possible he had no cash on him.  Doubtful, but possible. 

He was in his early 60's with what appeared to be a granddaughter riding with him.  Now what happened next left me wondering why people are 1) so stupid and, 2) unbelievably ungrateful.  His response to me was, "ok".  OK!  I wasn't looking to be named the next Mother Theresa for a kind deed partly rooted in impatience, but that was unbelievable!

How would I have responded had someone done that for me?  Well, I think I would have said something like;  Oh thanks so much but I'll just get a ticket and pay cash.  Sorry if I held up the line.  Or, if I really didn't have cash with me possibly; Wow that is sweet of you!  I didn't have cash with me and couldn't get this pass to work.  You don't know what a kind deed that is to me.  Sorry to have slowed you down.

He said ok with no emotion.  Nothing more, nothing less.  He didn't look at me in the eyes.  He didn't say it as though I had to talk him into taking it either.  He merely took what I held, said ok and drove away as I walked back to the car.  I wondered why.  Why he lacked social skill?  Why he possibly took something that he could have done himself?  Why he seemed oblivious to everyone and everything around him?

I thanked my daughter for giving up her $3 to some stranger that didn't even say thanks.  I also thanked her for giving it up so we could get through the toll booth faster!

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