I don't know about you, but I recently got a new phone book delivered to my porch. Two things I hate to see on my porch or attached to the handle of my screen door; phone books and literature from the Jehovah's Witnesses. I never look at or use either!

My newly delivered phone was obviously published and distributed to replace the old one. Why does something new really need to be made when the old one is not used or worn, possibly outdated but most definitely still in great physical condition?

I feel sorry for phone book companies or divisions of media companies that produce phone books. I wonder if they feel like a blacksmith did as the engine roared to life modernizing a way of life forever. Phone books are a mute and stagnant form of information. I don't know many under the age of 60 that use them.

If I want to find a restaurant I go to Urbanspoon or one the other myriad of sites and apps available to get restaurant numbers and addresses. The web gives instant and three-dimensional views of information that a one dimensional phone book cannot. If I am looking for a business or person's number I go to No searching through a book that I wouldn't have with me if I were say in the car. No searching through a phone book that is already out dated with information before it is bound and delivered.

If I were a business with an advertising budget, I would NOT waste ad dollars on a yellow page or larger display listing in a paper phone book. Archaic, small pooled and a waste of money! I want my dollars used in the largest arena possible! That arena is no longer print phone books.

I wonder how many people like me get that "new" phone book only to never take the plastic sleeve off and put it in the trash or recycling bin immediately. Mine never made it indoors. They don't burn well either. I've tried that before.  Too bad I can't find an alternative use for them. Gerbil bedding maybe? Too bad I don't have one.

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