My husband works for a newspaper as Director of Digital and Audience Media.  We have discussions about content in publications from time to time.  Sometimes heady ones like; should local newspapers focus more on local news and leave national news to the big publications, or how to come up with smart titles for stories and why that pulls in a reader. 

Newspapers and magazines have a distinct focus and thrust.  I once had someone read my blog and say, "You need a formatted subject matter, a specific thing you write about."  That might be true.  I mean I do go to "Runner's World" magazine because I know it's all about running and I want to know about it.  There is no "set" thing that I write about in this blog.  It is willy nilly, free flowing, sometimes serious, many times ridiculous, once in awhile probably too transparent, other times mostly about the simple nothings of life and my spin on them.

A friend of mine used to tell me that they loved my honest and unusual perspective on most things.  I think really I don't have more unusual thoughts than most, I just speak them more freely.  Though all of humankind is uniquely and distinctively different from each other, we are bound with a great many strands of similarities though not usually outward.  We feel, we think, we experience many of the same things though partly through a different lens.

Some days when I sit to write a blog post I have had an experience, a thought, an emotion that prompts a subject.  Other days, literally I sit with not one solid thought or angst that is propelling itself powerfully out of me.  I really don't know how it works, maybe much like faith as well, but something comes out.  Now that something is sometimes not spectacular.  But a subject of some sort has been covered, addressed, ranted about, lamented over, described, or sarcastically looked at. 

Doug, my husband, says he doesn't understand how I can sit in front of a screen with no thoughts and create something new almost every day.  Me neither!  It is both a mystery and like jumping into a pool of cold water - exhilarating.  Newspapers have a bracket, a beat, a definition.  That can be a great way to create too - subject at hand and story written.  I have written from that perspective before.  It can be freeing to focus all your thoughts just on the product, not having to come up with the idea as well.

I suppose hypothetically I could make this blog more defined, more focused for a certain target audience, whoever the hell that would be!   My problem is that, a bit like "Seinfeld", I think there is humor and pain in everything and sometimes nothing.  So, I guess this blog does have a premise, a distinct boundary.  That is if everything and nothing is distinct.

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