In the movie, “The Bucket List”, Jack Nicholson’s character, Edward Cole, gives some sage age learned advice to his personal assistant Thomas, “Never pass up a bathroom.  Never waste a hard on.  Never trust a fart.”

I whole heartedly agree and identify closely with Jack’s bits of wisdom, though graphically descriptive.  Having arrived at those same conclusions, maybe not as concisely linked together in one matter-of-fact statement, he is spot on.  Spot on!  I have wasted the opportunity available on the first two before, and been let down and tricked a time or two by the last.

When life narrows it makes more sense.  That in and of itself is an oxymoron, though very true.  As we age, experience life, face parameters to our health, live with chronic pain, etc, things become clearer.  The insignificant falls away and clarity becomes the lens.

Lamenting once again the visual texture skin changes occurring on my body, I stated to my husband that I was getting old lady skin.  He, being a man, of course claimed to not even know what I was talking about.  I took it a step further. I pointed it out just above my knees and on the top of my bicep.  The skin had lost its collagen and some of the underlying flesh.  My knees now looked vaguely familiar, yet shockingly alarming to me.  They were quickly becoming like my Grandma Yeager’s knees used to look like to me when I was a kid. 

Jack Nicholson’s character responds to his friend’s lamenting statement of, “Forty-five years goes by pretty fast” with a show-stopping-stop-you-dead-in-your-tracks response, “Like smoke through a keyhole.”  If words and the picture they paint were like pie and coffee, that phrase was fresh blueberry pie with real whipped cream and a cup of southern pecan -perfectly coined and spoken.

Time is uncatchable.  It is unstoppable.  You cannot slow it down.  You cannot speed it up.  Just yesterday I was 20.  Today I am 45.  Where did 25 years go? 

No matter the exercising I do, the creams I use on my skin, the savoring of being present I try to practice, time marches forward at one speed.  Unrelenting.  It carries me sometimes unwillingly forward.

I wondered if God too experienced that time phenomena even though He is the Creator of time itself.  The Bible says that to God a day is like a thousand years and a thousand years like a day.  I suppose that shows He is not boundaried, limited or under the influence of time like we are.   In that context I get why He placed time in existence for humans. 

Actually it is very compassionate of God to have an end to our humanity so to give us time to become eternal.  Brilliant really.  So, really then the best is yet to come and we aren’t losing time but getting closer to gaining more that will never run out.

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