I feel like I buy soap overly frequently.  I don't know the normal length a bar of soap should last in a shower with only two people using it daily.  Are there statisticians out there that track that? There are variables that probably contribute to its quick life span; whether the shower water hits it while it rests in the soap dish, how dirty/sweaty/stinky I am, how many times my OCD causes me to wash my underarms, the fact that after I lather up my legs to shave them the shower water wants to wash it off causing me to have to reapply lather occasionally.  

Because I inherited the sweat gene from my father's side of the family, most days in the summer, after our evening walk, I have to at least wash up a bit.  That probably helps to contribute to the short lifespan of a bar of soap in our house.  I freely admit that I use far more soap and toilet paper than does my husband.  Most women use more toilet paper than do guys.  A fact that is determined by the difference in our body parts and functions thereof.

Soap is very subjective - both the scent and feel.  I do like Dove's Mens Care Soap, but feel it's a bit too strong.  We use Dove go fresh burst with nectarine and white ginger.  I've tried all of Dove's scents and like the mildness but clean feel and smell it leaves on my skin.  Plus, the name implies that in a pinch, if there was no food available, that quite possibly one could eat this bar of soap.  (Kids don't try this at home!  That was just written sarcasm.)

Soap is a bit pricey if you ask me.  You add that to the other hygienic staples that we buy by the pallet; toilet paper, Tom's toothpaste (I brush my teeth probably 4 times a day), tampons, and hairspray, CHA-CHING!  At my local super store, a six pack of Dove nectarine and white ginger soap can run $7-$8.  So, when recently it was clearanced at $5.88 a pack, I bought 4 six packs.  That is 24 bars of soap. 

Even as I type the number 24 I feel as though it should have lasted most of the rest of my natural life span.  It did not.  We blew through 24 bars of soap like a kid eating cotton candy on a stick.  I hate that I have to keep buying a product whose constant need in my life is always there.  I will have to keep buying soap in this volume until I; 1) come to the end of my life, 2) slow my usage back when I am 90 and refuse to bathe or shower daily, 3) convert to an Amish lifestyle or become Eastern European where showering and cleanliness is not as high a priority and stink is a way of life.

My daughter, when in 4th or 5th grade, didn't have a love of showering and soap.  I don't know how many times I would send her back in the shower to actually use the bar of soap.  "Showers that involve the true usage of soap take more than one minute," were my words to her back then.  She eventually grew up and understood the value of soap around 6th grade.

In our house I get panicked if I only have one bar of soap.  Maybe if I really knew how long one bar of soap lasted I would know I had time, something like 1 bar of soap = 3 days.  I think I will track the next new bar of soap's lifespan - how many times used and how many days it lasts. 

Presently I have one unopened six-pack of Dove soap.  I feel a bit nervous.

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