Forrest Gump's famous quote from the movie bearing his name is simply descriptively profound, "My mama always said, 'Life is like a box of chocolates'". It is a surprise, a mystery, an unknown, an adventure, a disappointment at times, sweet and decadent or possibly a bad taste to swallow.

If you've ever opened a box of chocolates they are all fairly similar with only slight variations in color, swirl on top or shape. I have been fooled a time or two when biting into one hoping for a raspberry cream and landing a taste of maple or some weird yucky filling. It is said that good candy makers mark ever so slightly the top of each piece with the swirl design noting the letter of the filling inside. It's like reading chocolate calligraphy or hieroglyphics to me though. Those loopy swirls can be deceiving - O, M, C, S, R.

I've known people who, with no chocolate etiquette at all, push up the bottom of each piece to see a bit of the filling before settling on one they like. If someone offers you a piece of chocolate from their box, turn it over first to see if it has been previously handled! I think that a box of chocolate needs to be approached like a roulette wheel - what you get you get. It's an adventure. If you don't like variety, eat a Hershey bar!

Knowing the outcome of things, or trying to ascertain them, sometimes takes the joyous in-the-moment pleasure from spontaneity and living what is in front of you. Medical ultra sounds are great technology that probably have saved lives and detected serious problems. But, they have removed that moment of impact at birth at seeing gender as part of the wonder of the whole giving birth process.

I cannot control everything. I want to though! It is exhausting to pick up each chocolate and push the bottom trying to control the situation, the circumstances, others, the events even of a normal day. God created life to be eventful, with hidden delights mixed in with, at times, yucky tastes. I think God uses the chocolate box method to try to get us to be very present, in the now, engaged, connected to one piece at a time.

There is a huge measure of marvel in just experiencing. No juxtaposing allowed.

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