When I got remarried a year and a half ago we combined household belongings.  We were both middle aged, and though neither of us stuff collectors, had multiple sets of most things that you need to function in life; furniture, towels, kitchen stuff, etc...  We did the; yours is nicer than mine so let's keep yours thing.  That was the deciding factor along with what would fit in my 1100 square foot house, what fit the decor and whether it had any sort of sentimental value to either of us. 

Doug had some cool items that we kept which rounded out my sparsity and fit perfectly into the decor I already had going.  We have more towels and sheets than any two-person house needs.  He also had a great shiekishly modern sugar shaker, a Keurig coffeemaker that he thinks I love more than him, some great bowls and utensils that were way nicer than mine.  Neither of us are overly attached to "stuff" so it was easy to get rid of and combine.  We made it about each other and not things.

Doug not only got me, but a house that I was in the process of remodeling.  When he moved in, my kitchen was still unpainted including the cabinets, the tile back splash was still ungrouted, the outlets were half-way re-wired and hanging from the wall, the tile on the floor was losing its grout about as fast as hair seems to fall from my head.  It was a work in progress.
Who lives like this!
In progress - old!
These are the before and in the progress of remodelling shots.  Living without cabinets door for a spell makes you realize how much crap you have and how disorganized your cupboards really are. Yes, that is avocado green paint - the original cabinet color inside and out!
Process of new tile being laid
After removing four layers of flooring including tile, two layers of linoleum and an extra sub floor, we re-laid new tile in a diagonal pattern to make the kitchen appear wider.  Diagonal patterns require way more cuts.  WAY!!  A regrettable decision in work but not in looks.
Our semi-professional finished job
The tile project was finished relatively inexpensively since we did all the labor.  Its cost though was high in the tiredness of our bodies removing four floors and crawling around on our knees for weeks!  Actually, it was expensive in the long run as Doug's back went out requiring some doctor visits and several weeks of therapy.  Ah, but we "saved" money and had the satisfaction of doing it ourselves. (sarcastic tone implied)  For two wanna-be contractors we struggled on the math side of measuring and geometric angles so we created paper templates for tough angled pieces as we didn't trust our math skills!
 The saying "satisfaction is a job well done"  though true was modified minutely with, "satisfaction is a job finally done"......
Free of avocado green

Snowman made by grandkids displayed
on refrigerator highlights the completion!

This 1950's brick ranch finally got brought up to speed.  All disorganization now fully hidden by new cabinet doors.

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