Sports are interesting to me.  Elite athletes are amazing and mystifying all at the same time.   Watching the summer 2012 Olympics highlights those that qualify athletically to be among the best in the world.  That venue showcases men and women in track and field, gymnastics, basketball, volleyball, soccer, swimming, shooting (to me that's a skill not athleticism) who have spent most of their lives trying to get to a level that pushes the limits of speed, endurance, or performance that will create a win; a gold, a silver, a bronze.  I like to push myself physically, but do not reside even on the same planet as these world class athletes.  My kudos to them.

Greatly intriguing to me is that certain sports develop or create certain body types.  The question might be; do those athletes in each of those sports have a propensity to the body type needed to perform in that sport, or does the training for the sport develop their bodies in that way?   The physique differences between sports is very distinct. 

Swimmers have a less defined muscular frame with overly big shoulders and a bit of doughy flesh over them.  Sprinter runners seem to have very large leg muscles and lower bodies, while distance runners are leaner, less muscular almost appearing they need a high fat meal to fatten them up.  Gymnasts, girls anyway, are usually small framed with a marked rear end and power legs with no space between them.   Beach volleyball players have no boobs to speak of and tend to be taller with longer legs.  And shot-putters are well, humongously girthy!

I would not want to wear any of the outfits that I have seen on the Olympic athletes - no matter the sport.  How the gymnast girls vault, do the uneven bars, freestyle routines and balance beam in a one piece leotard without it creeping up their crack, much like a thong, is a mystery to me!  I also do not want to long jump in what appears to be a version of a two piece bathing suit.  Nor do I want to sprint or play beach volleyball in something akin to boy cut underwear and a sports bra.  And I definitely don't want to wear a spandex knee length unitard that is unflatteringly cut to highlight my ginormous shoulders and upper body as a swimmer.  Sometimes their "gear" or "outfits" distract me!  l will not address hair issues and clips and bobby pins presently.  That is best left for another rant.

It appears that NIKE bright yellow shoes are the running shoe of choice this Olympics.  Yesterday I saw a sprinter wearing one bright yellow shoe and one coral colored shoe.  I have a feeling these athletes are the reason I cannot find normal colored running shoes this year.  I much prefer my shoes to be neutral colored and to blend in with what I wear and not be the color of a construction cone.  I wonder if any of those runners would want my Asics ghetto black with hot pink running shoes that I refuse to wear any more because of their ostentatiousness?

Unlike me, I'm quite sure those athletes aren't fixated on the outfit but rather the outcome of their performance, race or match.  If the style or material made me faster, maybe I'd wear it.  On second thought, probably not.

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