Ever wonder why older music swells in popularity with time? There is power in nostalgia. Why do we listen and re-listen to songs from an earlier time in our lives? What power do memories and associations of things from our past hold?

Nostalgia is an interesting thought process and/or emotional reaction to all types of triggers, including; music, memories, smells, sights, even people themselves. It is said that nostalgia is a bittersweet longing for the past. You can know it cannot be repeated or held or experienced again in real time but the longing accompanies the memories. It can be swellingly powerful.

It would seem that many song writers hone in with lyrical precision a reminiscent nostalgic longing. Whether it be for better days, a loss back, a missed chance, a lost love, a do over regret, carefree times, for time to slow, or youth, we connect powerfully to nostalgia's voice.

The amazing part of nostalgia is the dichotomy we can feel at the same time; sadness mixed with love, sorrow stirred into joy. How can they reside seemingly congruently together almost unable to be separated from the other? I'm not sure exactly how our minds (the know of us) and our hearts (the feel of us) play off each other, but they do. It is a brilliant and life feeding reaction that gives us hope and comfort and even sustains us.

I met a 91 year old man today who recently lost his wife of 63 years. I wanted to know what he thought and felt with such great loss. "What is the hardest part in losing someone you have loved in the flesh for so many years?", I asked. "Tempering her absence daily with the power of experiences we shared together all our lives.", he replied.

" is remembering that finds meaning in what we have experienced,
who we were, who we have become, and who we can be".
(Krystine I. Batcho, Ph.D.)

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