When I was a youngster there weren't but a handful of fast food restaurants as compared to their numbers presently. People just didn't eat out in the 60's and 70's like they do now. Rephrase; as a rural quasi farmer-ish family we almost never ate out. When questioning my mother on never going to restaurants or stores her response was, "We didn't have money when you were young!".

I can remember the first time my family went to McDonalds. The year was probably 1973 or 1974. It was the first and only time my family ever went to McDonalds. We sat down at the table with our order of regular hamburgers and french fries.  My dad took a couple of bites of the hamburger and fries and declared, "This is cold!  This is junk food!!"  It was the end of the discussion and the end of going to McDonalds ever again.  Having only really eaten at McDonalds a handful of times in my entire life (it is crappy bad-for-you food!), I can attest that my father was correct.  Anything though, fast food included, is always better if it is served hot and has not sat around under a heat lamp.  He may have had a better first impression had it been made fresh and was warm.  I have a dear friend who would not agree with my stance on McDonalds and who I funnel all the coupons I see in the paper for McDonald Shamrock Shakes or McRibs- buy one get one free.

Recently following the van you see in the picture I got tickled over this local/regional fast food restaurant, Penguin Point's, slogan..... The People Pleasing Place.  This crappy hole-in-the wall restaurant has around 13 restaurants in the region which started in the 1960's.  Their decor, food, slogan, and quality has not changed one lick since I was born in 1966.  My paternal grandparents loved Penguin Point which was ironic to me since they were farmers all their lives and knew what good food should have tasted like.  Penguin Point is not GOOD FOOD.  It is fast, greasy, cause your gallbladder to go into overdrive, leave you smelling like you were deep fried yourself from just merely stepping inside the restaurant. 

The thought that this fast-food burger/fry joint does catering to offices/parties/events was comical to me.  I could not picture a business using them to cater lunch for an in-house meeting or training session.  And yet, according to my daughter who works for one of the local banks, she has been served  Penguin Point's catered food at bank training sessions.   No doubt their catered food is more than burgers and fries, but I'm sure still not a healthy sort of spread.

The People Pleasing Place.  One of my walking/running/biking routes passes by a Penguin Point which gives me cause to remember with fondness and love my grandparents.  The greasy aroma that billows from its vicinity can be smelled in its surrounding blocks.  I never really see cars parked in the parking lot.  I would think if your slogan is, The People Pleasing Place, you would be full to over flowing with customers constantly as you have stated that people are pleased with your product, quality and environment.  Why was it named Penguin Point when it was started in the Midwest no where near where penguins reside?  Why did they use penguin in the name of a burger joint? I'm just not catching the logical inference they are making.

If you make your way to the Midwest I don't necessarily recommend you stop in for a meal at Penguin Point unless you are running low on money and have a very healthy gallbladder.  It's cheap food that will probably give you a great colon blow!

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