Some names have a ring to them.  They flow nicely from first to middle to last name.  I give accolades to parents who can create such a name concert.  For instance, in today's paper the obituary listed a man whose middle name was Livingston.  That is not a common middle name.  It has a great air to it.  Very curious I was about the man who had the middle name Livingston. Other names are like bowls, they speak to the world what that person will hold.  It is as if their name is their map, their destiny, their definition for all that they will do.   

At the grocery recently, I picked up a pack of sweet onions.  I like to have them around for the myriad of things I might make that include onions.  And sweet onions are the best.  Nothing makes potato salad better, a burger more complete, stir fry more interesting and a roast in my Grandma Yeager's cast iron dutch oven turn out better than adding some sweet onions! 
I laughed out loud in the produce section as my eyes laid hold of the words on the package of onions.  Was this a joke of some sort?  A tongue-in-cheekish subversive way to drive home that sweet onions are good, and not BLAND?  I wanted to applaud that company with my already started standing ovation for their creativity, irony, and wit!  Was there an 800 customer number listed that I could call to congratulate their ingenuity?  Seriously funny stuff!!  A marketing dream come true.

So curious was I to why this producer of sweet onions called themselves Bland Farms, that I looked them up.  Bland is the last name of the family who owns the onion producing farm.  And it is no little "family" operation!   The state of Georgia grows and ships 100,000 tons of sweet onions in the US and abroad.  I most definitely help keep those numbers high!  Bland Farms in particular is the world's largest grower, packer and shipper of sweet onions.  There is nothing bland about that.
The Bland family is utilizing their name.  You cannot have a last name such as BLAND, and not do something with it.  Anything, in fact, that you would do would appear grand in contrast to this family's moniker.  Possibly having a last name like Bland gives you a one up over others.  Seriously, where are you gonna go with Jones?


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