I stopped at a Walgreens today while wandering aimlessly downtown Chicago. Wasting time, I wandered up and down the aisles. I perused the makeup aisle for mascara, which is part of my quartet of makeup I wear. My quartet consists of; eye liner sometimes, mascara, eyebrow pencil, and the cornerstone of my beauty products, lipstick.  Being extremely low-maintenance in most areas of my life, beauty not-withstanding either, I felt overwhelmed by my choices.  Just another marker of western excessiveness!

Make-up aisles in pharmacies are subdivided by brand name, ie; Maybelline, Loreal, Rimmel, Neutrogena, Almay, Cover Girl, just to name a few common companies.  I choose to have the least amount of chemicals and ingredients in my make-up to avoid 1) poisoning myself just to look good, and 2) I have sensitive skin.  I went to the Almay make-up section to find the mascara I normally wear.  Obviously I haven't bought a new wand of mascara for some time as there were now 4 or 5 new choices in just that brand alone.  Did I want something that is supposed to "highlight" my green eyes?  Did I want something that, should I be lost at sea for an extended period of time, or weep when my publisher calls to tell me Barnes and Nobles picked up my book, is waterproof?  Did I want something that needed to be removed by buying yet another beauty removal product?  Did I want jet black, brown/black, midnight, onyx or quartz?  Were my eyes blue, brown, hazel or green?  UGH!!

For a simple girl this was taxing and ridiculous.  I don't like to wash my face before I plunge into bed at night.  Maybe I would have less wrinkles if I washed and slathered on more cream like I do every morning, but that's just an extra step I don't want to do.  So based on that fact, I chose mascara that did not require another product to remove it other than the face wash stuff I use in the shower every morning.  I so prefer to wash today's face off tomorrow morning in the shower. 

Now, were my eyes really blue or green?  Sometimes they are greener than others.  Some days they are smokier colored.  Did they have some shade of mascara that could interpret chameleon eyes?  Geez this wasn't a major life decision, but it was beginning to feel like it!  I settled on intense i-color for green eyes - color called chocolate quartz.  What in the world is chocolate quartz!!  Do I eat it or use it to make jewelry?  Quartz is a broad term that involves transparency, translucency and opaqueness depending on the type.  How would this "quartz" component of the name of my mascara make my eyes look?  Marketing ploy no doubt. 

The sign below the mascara display read, "Original price $9.49 on sale for $6.99.  Buy one at sale price and get 1 for 50% off (equal or lesser value applies)".   Here I could get a bargain.  But, I didn't really need the other product for 50% off.  I only wore a quartet of make-up anyway and didn't know, or care if mascara had an expiration date.  I would forgo my opportunity to save money since it was not something I really needed.  Plus, if it takes me a year or more to go through one wand of mascara, I might miss out on the next great product soon to be released when I am ready (in a year) to buy another wand if I stocked up now.  One for me please.

I was also a bit confused on how long it really takes to go through an entire wand of mascara.  It's not like lipstick that get re-applied several times throughout the day.  Mascara usually gets applied once a day.  I wish they would tell you how many applications per wand.  Mine currently is a bit dried up as my eye lashes don't necessarily look any longer after application but clumpier.  I think I am applying dried up bits from the bottom of my mascara wand!

If I were an artist, chalk drawing would be my forte.  They create a picture quickly that is best seen from a distance.  That's how I view make-up.  Get it on fast and get on with it!

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