I don't know about you, but it just doesn't feel like Wednesday today.   Yesterday didn't feel like Tuesday.  I'm not sure where the offage came from because Monday most definitely felt like a Monday feels.

This week seems hyper slow - if it is possible to conjoin those two words together and they don't cancel each other out.  For whatever reason, some weeks appear to move faster or slower than others.  Particularly off in the time portal realm the days within this week appear to be.  It is somewhat ridiculous to truly believe that certain days of the week have a feel.  Just as preposterous as it is to think that colors have smells or tastes.  But both are true, at least in perception even if not in total scientific truth.

On days that aren't seeming to own their specific particular identity or normal feel, I check with others regarding what I am experiencing.  I like my impression to be corroborated by others - VALIDATION!  Crazy if felt by others isn't quite as crazy:)  It helps me separate what might be affecting my view of the day from some time offage that is affecting the masses as well.   More times than not I find the strange contortion of time is likewise being felt by others.  Though still mysterious and unknown in its origins it is, none-the-less, universally felt.

It shouldn't seem strange that time is felt.  A cold, dark wintry day still has 24 hours in it, but because of the shortening hours of daylight and the cold, it feels long.   A warm June day also has 24 hours in it, but because of the lengthened hours of daylight and the warm temps, it feels long.  If that is the case, then indeed though constantly the same, days ebb and flow differently.  Even absolutes sometimes seem altered.

I woke up today knowing it was Wednesday, but feeling it should be Thursday.  Thursdays have their own dynamic silent language that prefaces Fridays.  Today, my heart and mind are living Thursday on Wednesday.  Which means that tomorrow, when it is in reality Thursday, I am hoping that the time contortion catches up to itself and the right feel will return to the appropriate day.  If not, then tomorrow's Thursday will behave more like Friday - minus the weekend thing following it!

I asked two people yesterday if it felt like Tuesday to them.  I did not ask if they wanted it to be Tuesday.  Both people said it did not feel like Tuesday to them but that it should in fact be Wednesday.  Though technically does anyone really ever want Tuesday?  It is a somewhat overlooked and possibly under acknowledged day of the week.  It has a bit of obscureness and anonymity to it.
FYI - Tuesdays are documented by studies as the MOST productive day of the work week.

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