Recently my husband and I were in Indianapolis.  We strolled about downtown, perusing stores and just generally taking in the downtown Circle Center area.  It was a beautiful beginning of fall Saturday and the Colts were not in town, creating a somewhat dead downtown.  Just the way I like it!

After going in the same stores that just about every large city or region has, and purchasing a few items that we could have just as well have bought at our own GAP, we began looking for a place for lunch.  The criteria was it had to not be a chain restaurant, or at the very least, one that could only be found in places other than where we lived.  It also had to have clean food (a term I have used all my life to define food made without crap in it!) and a place to sit outside and enjoy the 75 degree blue skied sunny day. 

We settled on a place called The Capital Grille.  Despite it appearing a bit pricey, it had some great outdoor seating.  One could easily see its clientele's net worths were no doubt way above ours.  We ordered lobster bisque, some sort of shrimp salad and a burger made with Kobe beef served with hand made chips.  The food was good.  The tables were linen covered, including the outdoor ones.  If you were in a hurry of any kind this was not the restaurant for you.  It was a place meant to be savored slowly; drinks, bread, appetizers, main dish, dessert and coffee.  Those types of restaurants are a welcome stop once in awhile, like reading a book on a rainy day.  And, this was an interesting place with interesting people sitting near us.  We had a front row seat to all the street's activities.  The sport of people watching was in full swing.

Michael, our waiter, came to the table.  He sported a very large, almost handlebar-ish moustache and was close to 50+ years of age.  Obviously this might have been a life career for him - waiting tables in higher end restaurants all his life.  There are probably no benefits like insurance or a 401K, but given the right restaurants, good money could no doubt be made.  I tried to picture what else he could have done for a living but couldn't picture anything past Harley cyclist or bull rider.  He was a good waiter and very polished.

Doug and I played our "make up people's names" game with all those seated on the patio with us.  There was an older, very classy couple sitting with what appeared to be maybe one of their kids and wives.  They were classically styled, fit and quite attractive for their age and continually touched each other.  We settled on Edmund and Sophie for them.  There was also a young couple not far from us who conversely really never talked to or touched each other.  For all stretches of the imagination they were a Justin and Kelly.  We giggled and fought the urge to get up and let them in on our name game to see if we were close! 

Sitting directly across from us was a man and wife.  The man was somewhere near 55-60.  And the woman, in my opinion anyway (Doug did not agree with me on this one) was 5-10 years younger than him by looking at her face.  Though when you looked at her hands she did appear to be close to him in age.  Maybe she had plastic surgery or Botox on her face.  Doug said a person's hands show their age.  If that were totally true I would have appeared 20 years older than I am based on the old lady hands I have had all my life!  They seemed very comfortable with each other.  She seemed to like very nice things.  We couldn't settle on names for them as I got overly distracted at how much she cut her food up and how slow she ate.  I do everything fast, including eating!

As we prepared to depart after paying the bill, Michael the waiter came back to the table.  He presented us with his business card.  Now I have never ever ever gotten a business card at a restaurant with the waiter's name on it.  At first glance I thought maybe the card just showcased the restaurant information.  But no, in large print in the center of the card was his first and last name along with the restaurant name and address, and a phone number - his or the restaurants I do not know.  "Here is my card", he said.  "If you are ever in need of anything else, please call me."

What the hell did that mean, wink-wink-wink!  Doug and I's overactive imaginations kicked in; was there a subliminal message there, why would I need to call Michael the waiter from the Capital Grille if I needed anything else, what "else" would he be willing to do?  Did this handlebar moustached waiter have a side gig going?  My inquiring mind definitely wanted to know!

Later that night, when we returned home and were laying in bed snuggled in close to each other with the light still on, I said, "Honey, call Michael and see if he would come turn our light off so you don't have to stop holding me!"  When we woke up the next morning it was Sunday, a day to linger in bed a bit longer.  I again asked Doug to call Michael; I wanted coffee in bed!

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