I am always overly curious as to why we as humans do certain things.  Why we react to things in specific ways, both logical and illogical at times. 

We were made by God to be finite.  We have a beginning and an end.  A start and a stop.  Birth and death.  In making us finite, God created within us a system of processing.  We don't necessarily understand that system as kids.  There is no comprehension of time and finiteness as kids.  How often have you responded to your kids, when asked when will they get to do such and such with, "In a few minutes.  In 15 minutes.  When this hand goes from the 6 to the 3."  Most children, until they are older, don't get that system of operation.  Everything seems forever to a kid.  Even being a kid feels like it is going to be forever.  Kids live without parameters of time, which is good and bad at times.  As we grow older we come to fully understand the limits of time, the start and stop system.

Take for instance the word assume. It has several completely differently meanings but I am referring the one that follows; suppose to be the case, without proof.   We all assume things sometimes.  But why?  Why do we assume things as humans without proof, without verification of facts? 

If assume means, suppose to be the case/without proof, then assumption is acting upon a premise that has no concrete or supporting evidence but is accepted as truth.  That is a scary concept really.  It is a gamble of sorts on the outcome of something, the reason for it, the direction it will take, and at its worst, the heart or motive behind it.  Assumption is more accepted in the eyes of people than is judgement.  Our justification of assumption is that it denotes a logical step in knowing something incomplete and unknown. 

We use assumption as our delivery system for processing things that are not concrete or clear or where no first person information is available.  We use assumption as humans mostly because we are start and stop, finite creatures that struggle with open ended anything.  If our minds and hearts are like cupboards we have a need to have all things categorized and put away, reasoned and understood.  If we are unable to do that we will use assumption to finish the process for us.  It allows us to not have open ended things in our life.  We struggle to process things that aren't concrete or nailed down.

People have a view of things whether based on truth or not.  Sometimes
without all the information we make assumptions.  Many from my past made
those about me with little to no information.  We, for some reason, don't like
to have open ended, unresolved and puzzling things left not boxed, so we
assume to finish the process.
Assumption is the human system we naturally gravitate toward.  We confuse that finite operating system as the right way to think and navigate in life.  It is the complete polar opposite of God's system of faith and trust - believing something we can't figure out without seeing it and without us assuming our humanness into it.  It is believing things that are bigger and more complex than us and not  trying to define them, parameter them, figure them out, assume, or reconcile it all neatly in a box.  It's more than ok, even faith stretching, to have things in our lives that we cannot neatly put on a shelf.  If I assume things all the time then I am actually in essence thinking I am controlling them too.  And that my friends, is one WRONG ASSUMPTION! 

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