It is said that married couples eventually, after a lifetime with each other, begin to look similar.  That is alarming possibly, but there is a bit of science behind it according to a study done at the University of Michigan by psychologist Robert Zajonc.  He studied photos of newlyweds and then pictures of them 25 years later.  The results showed that couples began to look similar to each other with time.  And, the happier the couple reported they were the greater their physical similarities were. 

It is also said that owners and their pets can have have similarities with their looks.  That too is a bit disturbing, and seemingly impossible.  Or is it?  The premise is that most owners gravitate to dogs whose personalities are similar to their own or have physical characteristics that match the owners love of possibly snuggling, romping, hunting, sleeping, etc... 

There is an older gentleman who rides his bike in our neighborhood.  He comments if I am outside working, and always greets Doug and I when we are out for our daily walk.  Usually commenting on us holding hands, he once said, "you don't see many people hold hands like you do".  I've never seen a woman with him.  I don't know if he is married, his wife is deceased or he just prefers the bike ride alone every evening.  He has a kind spirit about him, a gentle face, and an inviting way.  Even though I see him regularly, I do not know his name. 

While walking tonight we saw the bike riding gentleman.  We did our normal conversating while passing each other.  He commented on us holding hands and seeing us again.  When he had ridden past ear shot I told my husband that after all this time we should have stopped and introduced ourselves, giving him real names instead of the hand-holding couple.  What too was his name?  We hadn't a clue!

What name fit him, fit his demeanor, his personality, his age, his clothing, his hairstyle, the quality of his bike, even his voice?  We kicked a few names about, giggling over some of them.  Wendall, no.  Albert, no.  Martin, no.  Addison, possibly.  Robert, could be?  Glen,  sounds plausible. 

Isn't it amazing that certain names appropriately and precisely fit certain people.  Rarely do you find someone whose name doesn't fit them.  It's actually hard to define the whys of that name to face match.  How many times, after learning someone's name I didn't know previously, have I said, "He or she looks like a ____________!" 

My husband and I like to make up stories for strangers from time to time.   Sitting in an airport, enduring a layover, we have been known to study people, giving them a name, a made-up life even.  Some people just look like a Bob.  Others, look like an Arthur, a Gloria or a Doug.  I suppose Hitler even looked like a Hitler.  Definitely not an Eddie.  And, anyone named Inge should have a blond braid and large breasts.  For sure.

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